Hornets Nest District

The Hornets Nest District serves the northeast portion of the Mecklenburg County Council.
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There have been changes to the Hornets Nest Eagle Scout Project Proposal Review Process.  Please review all information before submitting your project proposal for approval.

Silver Beaver

We would like to congratulate Hornets Nest member Sasha Timkovich for being selected as one of the 2023 Silver Beaver Award recipients.

The Silver Beaver Award is the highest recognition that can be given to an adult Scouter at the Council level.

Click here for additional information on the Silver Beaver and to view a listing of all of the 2023 Silver Beaver Award recipients,

District Award Recipients

Thank you to everyone who attended this year's District Award Banquet.

This year's award recipients are listed below. Please check out the recognition page for a complete list of all award recipients.

District Award of Merit: Nick Kuharcik, Eric George Maillet, Lisa Tugman
Lifetime Service Award: Christina Ashby, Joe Craddock, Peter Heikes
Cub Scout Leader of the Year: Ginger Cato, Eric Krone, Allison Sturdivant
Scouts BSA Leader of the Year: Julie Daniels, JD Densmore, Jim Garrett, Jeff Weatherbee
Sea Scouts Leader of the Year: Mike Shaw
Charted Organization of the Year: Cooks Memorial Prebyterian Church, Mt. Zion United Methodist Church

Golden Nest Awards:
Pack 13: Maria Curran
Pack 19: Brice Byrd, Chris Lutz
Pack 42: Michael Bruckart, Molly Rowan
Pack 49: Stephanie Barker
Pack 58: Michelle Coomes, Jim Nabti, Martin Söderlund
Pack 70: Bruce Horldt
Pack 222: Joseph Barbee, Andrew Stout
Pack 321: Mir Ali
Pack 323: Michael Mancuso
Ship 19: Julie Todd
Troop 19G: Chris Behm
Troop 19: Ash Munro, Luis Toledo
Troop 49: Bryan Hess
Troop 58G: Randi Gomez, Jennifer Roeder
Troop 58: Carson Anderson, Heather Densmore, Kim Pilgrim
Troop 63: Jerome Greene, John Stokes, Valerie Thomas
Troop 97: Thomas Caprariello, Rory O'Connell
Troop 222: Kim Richards
Troop 248G: Marshall Perry
Troop 321G: Maliha Ali
Troop 321: Joveria Asif
Troop 323: Matt Dawson, Eric Freed, Elizabeth Roberts, Scott Robertson, Craig Smith

Council Cub Scout Day Camp

Camp Belk
June 19-23, 2023

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Council Webelos Adventure Camp - Knights of WAC

Camp Belk
July 13-16, July 16-19, July 20-23, 2023

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Hornets Nest Webelos-Ree

November 3-4, 2023

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Klondike Derby

Camp Grimes
February 23-25, 2024

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Hornets Nest Cuboree

Camp Grimes
May 3-5, 2024

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