Hornets Nest District

The Hornets Nest District serves the northeast portion of the Mecklenburg County Council.
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There have been changes to the Hornets Nest Eagle Scout Project Proposal Review Process.  Please review all information before submitting your project proposal for approval.

District Award Recipients

Thank you to everyone who attended this year's District Award Banquet.

The 2023 award recipients are listed below. Please check out the recognition page for a complete list of all award recipients from prior years.

District Award of Merit: Tim Lamb, Michael Shaw, TBA
Lifetime Service Award: John Gammons Jr., Dean Jones, Sasha Timkovich, TBA
Cub Scout Leader of the Year: Angela Bruckart, Maie Seif, TBA
Scouts BSA Leader of the Year: Paul Bradley, Thomas Caprariello, Samer El-Haj-Mahmoud, Zach Matzinger, Daniel Roberson
Sea Scouts Leader of the Year: Julie Daniels
Commissioner of the Year: Jason Thompson
Charted Organization of the Year: Muslim Community Center of Charlotte

Golden Nest Awards:
Pack 19: Scott Schwartz, Andrew Timko
Pack 51: Devin Connelly, Jacob Cunningham
Pack 51: Tabitha Whitson
Pack 58: Chris Clark, Jason Smith
Pack 70: Elijah Hill-Pfeffer, Jewel Mackey
Pack 148: Nicole Spencer, Michael Teal
Pack 222: Ryan Sturdivant
Pack 321: Tarek Abdallah, Wafi Alshareef, Safaa Aref, Ahmad Elkhouly, Marwa Ismail, Nabela Mogul, Sabiqah Muhammad, Kadejah Zaghari
Troop 10: Greg Combs, Tim Harris, Bo Johnson, Missy Lee, John Wiese
Troop 19: Tim Herron, Alan Mann, Tim Sennett
Troop 19G: Meredith Thompson
Troop 51: Kevin Holland, Mark Kust, Brad Tadlock
Troop 58: Drew Shott, Miguel Simon
Troop 58G: Laurie Palmieri
Troop 63: Holli Hampton, Sherri Johnson, William Montgomery
Troop 67: David Anderson, Terrence Conley, Stephon Harper, Krishnamohan Medamanuri, Stanley Reed, Wilmoth Solomon
Troop 70: Jason Echols
Troop 72: Aaron Marotta, Jeff Skaggs
Troop 97: John Chuma
Troop 148: Kelly Merges, Becky Peplinski
Troop 200: Scott Roland
Troop 222: Lee Martin, Ellen Nunn
Troop 222G: Kristen Barbee, Sarah Gillon, Maria Solot
Troop 248G: Joe Dore
Troop 321: Samer El-Haj-Mahmoud, Irfan Khan, Sharmarke Magan, Khalid Mohammed
Troop 321G: Maie Seif

District and Council Camping Opportunities

View the District Camping page for more information on upcoming events

The next District event is the HN Cuboree, May 3-5, 2024