First fish certificates now available!

It's so much fun to reel in your first fish! Do have Scouts or Crew members who've just caught their very first fish?! We now have "First Fish" certifcates available for crew, pack and troop members who land their first fish. Recognize them at their next meeting with a personalized certificate. The free, printable certificates are in the resources section at the bottom of this page.

Fish on!

Update from MCC Fishing 4.1.24

Spring is a great time to take your Cubs and Scouts fishing, and here are a few helpful tips.

  • Check out the following great Webpages! 

MCC Fishing Committee's Resources 

BSA National Outdoor Program /Fishing   

  • And Facebook Pages 

Cub Scout Fishing  

Mecklenburg County Council Fishing Committee  

  • Do some planning.
  • Take a BSA Angling Educator or Fishing Basics course – 
  • Talk to experienced anglers and the folks at your local bait and tackle store. Try fishing these locations ahead of time.
  • Are you using age-appropriate equipment?   Try a cane pole or crappie pole for younger Cubs. 
  • Use barbless hooks or bend down the barbs.
  • Think safety…..Anytime you or your scouts are around hooks – wear eye protection and a hat. 
  • Teach your scouts how to bait a hook, tie a knot or cast a line before they go fishing. 
  • Make it fun and have a rainy-day plan.   For Cubs-make a fishing lure out of wooden clothes pin, and for Scouts – learn the required five fishing knots; talk about conservation and fishing safety.  For either group, if you have a gym or large covered shelter…..Casting games with Backyard Bass are always fun.  

And Remember – FISH ON!


Update from MCC Fishing 12.1.23

Want to take your Cubs and Scouts fishing but you don’t know how?  We will teach you!  

Sign up now for the BSA Fishing Basics or the Angling Educator Course at the University of Scouting, January 20, 2024.  

Fishing Basics is a one-hour course designed to prepare program leaders to teach basic fishing skills and to take their Scouts Fishing.  Participants learn age-based and skills-appropriate fishing tools and techniques for hook and worm fishing. 

Angling Educator is a four-hour training course for Scouters and Scouts age 15+. The purpose of the class is to prepare program leaders to teach fishing skills, and to plan and run fishing events for their unit, district, or Council.   Angling Educators learn age-based and skills-appropriate fishing tools and techniques for simple cane pole and spin cast fishing. The course highlights best practices in both the classroom and in the field. Graduates can: 

  • Teach Cubs and Scouts to fish and help them be more successful at catching fish.

  • Gain knowledge and learn skills that can be enjoyed and shared for a lifetime.

  • Improve day camp & summer camp attendance through fishing program options.

  • Provide a major tool for recruiting and retaining Cubs and Scouts at the unit and district level.

Graduates will receive a BSA Angling Educator patch! 


Take A Scout Fishing

Fishing can be a fantastic and fun sport for both kids and adults. It encourages us to become good stewards of our natural resources and learn how to interact responsibility with our environment.  Fishing is a rewarding sport — your scouts can get away from hectic schedules to enjoy the fresh air, learn about the environment, and even develop patience. Best of all, fishing is quality time spent together talking, laughing, and even sitting quietly side by side. It can even be sport for little kids, if you introduce it in a positive way.

North Carolina is filled with rivers and trout streams, warm water lakes, and has a coastline with excellent saltwater fishing opportunities. Mecklenburg County Council is situated in the heart of the state and offers a wide variety of opportunities. For a reasonable drive, you can plan a weekend fishing trip at the beach or a quiet mountain stream.

Local fishing adventures abound with our nearby state parks and our TWO fine Scout camps. Belk Scout Camp and Mecklenburg Scout Reservation (Grimes).  Explore this page to discover the many great resources our fishing program has to offer. We are here to help you deliver on the promise of "Keeping the Outing in Scouting."




Is your Scout the Complete Angler?

The Complete Angler patch is for scouts that are well-rounded in their fishing endeavors. There's a good chance some scouts have already earned it and just don't realize it yet. In the same manner as the World Conservation award, the Complete Angler recognition has a simple requirement of completing three merit badges, but also requires a project.

Earn the Boy Scout Complete Angler Award by:

1. Earning these merit badges: Fishing, Fly Fishing, Fish and Wildlife Management

2. Completing one or more of these projects:

  • Teach a Fishing or Fly Fishing merit badge skill to your troop, crew or team as part of a unit program activity.

  • Help instruct Cub Scouts on fishing skills or fishery management as part of a Cub Scout meeting or outing.

  • Participate in a local fishing derby or tournament, either a Scouting or Community event.

  • Complete a conservation project that will benefit a local fishery.

The Complete Angler patch is worn on the uniform shirt, centered on the right pocket as a TEMPORARY patch. Only ONE Temporary patch may be worn at a time

Download and complete the form for each scout earning the award. Then, take it to your local scout shop to purchase the patches. Learn more here




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