BSA Distinguished Conservation Service Award

In early November, 2020, BSA announced a new conservation award program to replace the Hornaday Award program.

BSA Distinguished Conservation Service Award Program



The Council Advancement Committee has a subcommittee to promote conservation-related and STEM-related activities and awards. The Conservation-STEM Subcommittee invites Scouts who are interested in earning any of the BSA Distinguished Conservation Service Awards or BSA Supernova STEM Awards to consult with the committee before beginning work on requirements. These awards require sustained effort over 2 to 4 years. With continuous consultation with a trained Adviser offering guidance from the outset, the Scout’s work and documents will be significantly more likely to attain a level of quality and depth to qualify for BSA National review. A Scout presenting a completed binder and application form for a signature without on-going collaboration with mentors and advisors is less likely to meet the rigorous standards in place for a successful submission and review.


Please contact Stuart Tucker at if any Scout is interested in pursuing one of these awards.