Recruiting Youth and Adult Volunteers


We give a warm welcome to all our new Scouts and families that have recently joined Cub Scouts and Scouts, BSA. A BIG thank you to our volunteers who helped in this year's recruiting campaign.

On behalf of the Mecklenburg County Council, we appreciate all you do for Scouting.  This section of the website is our Council recruiting resources that can be used year-round.  Upcoming recruiting events are Charter Organization Open House, School Night Sign Up events and Trailblazer Day.  Make sure you attend your District Roundtables on August 10th to pick up all the Council marketing & membership materials.  Let's really get the word out about the great things you can do in Scouting and invite our non-Scout neighbors and friends to join.  We have a dedicated Membership Committee that is ready to assist when needed.  Contact your District Director with any questions or contact the Scout Office at 704-333-5471. "Pin"

Updating your “pin” is simple, and it’s a good way to make sure your information is current. Displaying last year’s Cubmaster or meeting time doesn’t exactly impress new families interested in joining. We call it a “pin” because when families search and ask to find Scout units within a certain number of miles around their address, the answers are listed next to a map with what looks like pins marking the location of each unit.

"BeAScout is the way that families who are looking to join a Scouting unit can easily find your unit and apply, “By setting up your pin, your unit information will show on BeAScout, and you’ll be ready to accept new families into your unit."

-Pat Wellen, the BSA’s director of research and strategy

What is BeAScout?

When someone Googles phrases like “join Scouting,” “pack near me” or “find Scout troop,” the result in the coveted top spot is the BSA’s BeAScout page:

From there, families can type in their ZIP code, select the program that interests them (Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, Venturing or Sea Scouts) and click “Find and Apply.”

What happens next? Well, that’s kind of up to you.

If your pin is updated, a prospective Scouting family will find your leader’s contact info, a link to your website and a brief description about your unit.

If you have also turned on the “Apply Now” button, parents can also fill out the application online directly from BeAScout — or they can send you an email for more information.

Unit Pin Update Instructions

How to update your BeAScout pin

Who can update the pin? The Key 3 of the unit — committee chair, chartered organization representative and unit leader (Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, Advisor, Skipper) — has access to Organization Manager in my.Scouting tools, which will allow them to set up the unit pin.

What’s the process for doing so? A step-by-step guide is available online at this link. Look for the PDF link called “Setting Up Your Unit’s BeAScout Pin.”

What has changed? Pin management is no longer in “Legacy Tools.” It has been updated with a new fresh look and easier navigation. Everything you need to set up the pin is in one tool, meaning no more moving back and forth between tools or pages.

Update Your Unit's PIN Now



File Name Description
2023 MCC Best Practices for Units These best practices for units is a great guide for having your best recruiting year yet! Download
2023 MCC Fall Recruitment Planning Calendar Use this helpful planning calendar as a guide and checklist to help your Pack have a successful recruiting season! Download
2023 Membership Fees FAQ With the new membership process and fees implemented by BSA, this FAQ PDF will answer many of your questions. Download
2023 New Parent Guide A great resource for new Cub Scout parents! Download