Merit Badges and Counselors

Merit Badge Requirements

Stamp Collecting Merit Badge 
Saturday, July 27, 2024
CPCC, Worrell Building
Life Saving Merit Badge 
July 24 or July 25, 2024
Belk Scout Camp
Swimming Merit Badge 
July 22 or July 23, 2024
Belk Scout Camp

Schedule Your Own Merit Badge Course

Merit Badge Courses at the McDowell Nature Preserve

Troops or patrols can schedule group merit badge instruction with BSA-registered counselors on staff at McDowell Nature Preserve. Their schedule is open for the fall of 2022. They offer these merit badge courses:

Environmental Science
Insect Study
Mammal Study
Reptile and Amphibian Study
Soil and Water Conservation
Wilderness Survival
Astronomy Backpacking Camping Environmental Science Insect Study Kayaking Mammal Study Nature Orienteering Reptile and Amphibian Study Soil and Water Conservation Sustainability Weather Wilderness Survival


  • Minimum class size is 8. Maximum class size is 15.
  • Cost may range from $15 to $40 per Scout, depending on the merit badge and on scheduling for single-day or multi-day sessions.
  • Camping is available on site.

For more information and scheduling, please contact Ms. Catherine Robertson, Environmental Educator, at 980-314-1128 or at

Scuba Diving Merit Badge (within Mecklenburg County Council)

Lake Norman Scuba LLC 482 River Hwy., Mooresville, NC 28117 Phone: 704-660-3483 Mr. Andrew Katsamas is a registered Scuba Merit Badge Counselor with Mecklenburg County Council.

Pre-course requirements:

  • Completion of Swimming Merit Badge and of CPR training.

Course completion requires 6 hours of pool instruction each day for 1 weekend and 6 hours of quarry diving instruction each day for 1 weekend and a 1-hour review with the counselor.

Online Merit Badge Courses (Out of Council)

Landscape Architecture
Soil and Water Conservation

BSA Merit Badge Zoom: Classes With Erin McCown Foster (Facebook page for signing up for Ms. Foster’s classes.) -

How this merit badge counselor helped 450 scouts earn one of the 10 rarest badges

Merit Badge Counselors

A merit badge counselor serves as both a teacher and mentor as Scouts work on a merit badge. In one way, he or she is an examiner. In a larger sense, the counselor uses this opportunity for coaching—helping Scouts overcome the hurdles of the different requirements and making Scouts aware of the deeper aspects of the subject from their knowledge and experience. Because of these unique opportunities to serve Scouts, volunteering as a merit badge counselor is one of the most gratifying experiences for adults in Scouting today. Boy Scouts of America. A Guide for Merit Badge Counseling. 2018. Merit Badge Counselor Registration Instructions Even if an adult is currently registered with a troop as a committee member or as a uniformed leader, they still need to register with a new Adult Application for their new role as merit badge counselor in addition to other registrations.

To register as a Scouts BSA Merit Badge Counselor with our Mecklenburg County Council, an adult age 18 or older must

  1. Be current on BSA (Boy Scouts of America) Youth Protection within the last 2 years (go to, sign in or register, then click on upper right Youth Protection logo, complete Youth Protection course modules, and print certificate)
  2. Be registered as a BSA volunteer by completing and signing the BSA Adult Application form
  3. Be registered as a Merit Badge Counselor by completing Merit Badge Counselor Information form. Please send all 3 documents by USPS to Registrar Mecklenburg County Council 1410 East 7th Street Charlotte, NC 28204 704 333 5471 or email your BSA Youth Protection certificate, your original online completed BSA Adult Application form with e-verified signatures on page 3 and on page 9 for Background Check Authorization, and your completed Merit Badge Counselor Information Form to Original or e-verified signatures on an original BSA Adult Application form, including page 3 and the Background Check Authorization on page 9, will allow a background check. Information on BSA background check policy Merit badge counselors do not pay a registration fee.
  4. Beginning in January of 2024, Mecklenburg County Council will require that all merit badge counselors complete Merit Badge counselor BSA on-line training modules. Current Counselors and new Counselors registering during 2023 are encouraged to complete on-line training now. Here are the steps: Log in at Click on My Training Click on Scouts BSA search catalog for “Scouts BSA-Merit Badge Counselor Position Specific Training”

This is a list of included required modules:

Aims And Methods of Scouts BSA, total time: 9m

Introduction To Merit Badges, total time: 8m

What is a Merit Badge Counselor, total time: 7m

Advancement, total time: 10m

Counselors must complete all modules listed. After completing these training courses, repeat training is not required for yearly merit badge counselor renewals.

Merit Badge Counselors must renew their registrations as Counselors every year in November and must remain current on BSA Youth Protection. Counselors should receive an email from Boy Scouts when their registation is due to ne renewed.

Merit Badge Counselor Resources:

Adult Application

Merit Badge Counselor Application

Merit Badge Requirements

Merit Badge Worksheets

Merit Badge Limit

While we really appreciate your enthusiasm and desire to share your knowledge with the Scouts in Mecklenburg County Council, the advancement committee has decided to limit merit badge counselors to teach a maximum of 16 merit badges. The advancement committee came to this decision based on the desire to give Scouts the opportunity to work with a variety of merit badge counselors throughout their Scouting career. We believe that working with a variety of merit badge counselors provides Scouts a more enriching experience as they learn to adapt to varying teaching styles and have more opportunities to work on their interpersonal skills. We recommend that you pick merit badges that fall into your strongest areas of expertise. Cases of extenuating circumstances will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis at the next available advancement committee meeting. Mecklenburg County Council Advancement Committee Additional Qualifications

The following merit badges require additional qualifications or certifications as decided by the advancement committee to improve safety and to manage risks:

Snow Sports

To renew your counselor registration for any of these 12 badges please be ready to provide verification of your current qualifications. More information on this topic can be found in the Guide to Advancement.


Merit Badge Counselor Registration Renewal

Your MBC registration expires 12/31 every year. Don’t forget to renew it! It’s as easy as… Check your email. In November you will receive an email with a survey link, your member ID number, and which merit badges you are currently registered to teach. Fill out and submit your survey between November 1st and December 1st. By completing the short survey you will be able to update your contact info, availability, add/remove merit badges, and renew your MBC commitment. Reply to follow-up. You may receive follow-up communications from the merit badge approval committee. Be sure to respond promptly so that your registration does not get held up.

Movies for Merit Badge Advancement
These merit badges include requirements that can be fulfilled by watching movies:
American Heritage American Labor
Citizenship in the Community
Below are links to lists of movies that may be applicable to requirements from each of these merit badges. Before a Scout watches any of these movies or any other movie, whether for merit badge work or for school or for entertainment, the Scout must receive permission from their parents. Before a Scout watches any movie for merit badge work, the Scout must also have permission from their merit badge counselor.
American Heritage
Requirement 5a 5. Do ONE of the following: (a) Watch two motion pictures (with the approval and permission of your counselor and parent) that are set in some period of American history. Describe to your counselor how accurate each film is with regard to the historical events depicted and also with regard to the way the characters are portrayed.
See what movies other Scouters reccommend for American Heritage American Labor
Requirement 5c 5. Do ONE of the following: (c) With your counselor’s and parent’s approval and permission, watch a movie that addresses organized labor in the United States. Afterward, discuss the movie with your counselor and explain what you learned.
Citizenship in the Community
Requirement 5 5. With the approval of your counselor and a parent, watch a movie that shows how the actions of one individual or group of individuals can have a positive effect on a community. Discuss with your counselor what you learned from the movie about what it means to be a valuable and concerned member of the community.
Recommended to consider:
Check out these other recommendations by: Eagle Coach Eagle Coach Scouter Mom Scoutsmarts
Requirement 3 3. Read four different types of books, such as poetry, fiction, nonfiction, or biographies. Do any ONE of the following for each book you have read: (a) Write a review of the book. Include what you liked/didn’t like about the book. Include if you would recommend this book, and if so, who might enjoy reading it. (b) Watch a movie based on the book. What was the same between the book and movie? What was different? Which did you enjoy more? Discuss this with your merit badge counselor. (c) Give a “book talk” to your class, troop, or patrol. 100
Movies that Every Scout Should See a list published by Scout Life. (formerly Boys’ Life) (Some suggestions will require parental guidance.)
100 Books that Every Scout Should Read a list published by Scout Life. (formerly Boys’ Life) (Some suggestions will require parental guidance.)