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Exploring is for young men and women 10-20 years old (beginning 6th grade). Engaging with career professionals, young adults gain unique, real-life opportunities to experience varied career choices aiding in a more informed decision about future careers.

This survey is intended for young adults aged 13 to 20-years old. For assistance on the survey, please email Monica.Zeleznik@scouting.org

Exploring Post Career Areas

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To all of the volunteers who helped with this post,

                I deeply appreciate all the time and effort each and every person who helped organize and teach us during this explorer post.  I signed up for this class unsurely in the beginning.  I wanted to do this to get a small introduction to the law field and see how it works.  I am very unsure of what I plan to do when it is time for me to pick a career path, but this has helped me greatly.  I learned so much over the course the even if I don’t choose to pursue law in the future, I have a better understanding of how the law works.  It helps to be able to talk with other people your age who share similar interests and being able to collaborate with them to get different points of view, to hear something you might have missed yourself.

All of the volunteers really explained how to go about doing certain steps of the process in an easy to comprehend way.  An example of this is on the first day that we talked about direct examinations and cross examinations.  The way it was explained made it much easier to put my thoughts in order to be able to come up with questions and a logical way to ask the witness on the stand in order to weave an intricate story to get the room on your side.

                I just want to say thank you once again for taking time out of your already busy schedules to help teach us and figure out if we want to go into the law field.





Benefits for the…

  • Culture of motivated, knowledgeable, and properly educated future employees

  • Positive impact on the education of youth and families

  • Prepare young adults for transition from school to work

  • Develop future responsible and caring adults Improve staff teamwork working on common goals outside of normal work

  • Visible commitment to the welfare of the community 


  • Build familiarity and trust between communities and organizations by engaging youth and creating opportunities for regular and positive interactions, sharing a mutual interest and getting to know each other in a setting that offers a benefit for the community.


Additional Resources

Youth Protection Training


Youth Protection Training is required for all registered adult advisers. The training is good for two years and then expires. You may take the training online by creating an account at My.Scouting.


Additional training available upon request.