Apache Roundtable


Aug 11, 2022 7:00 pm



St. Vincent De Paul Church
6828 Old Reid Rd
Charlotte, NC 28210


Apache Eagle Project Proposal In-person Reviews and Apache Roundtable for August are on schedule for Thursday, August 11.

Location: St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church
6828 Old Reid Road, Charlotte, NC 28210

5:30 pm, Apache Eagle Project Proposals In-persons Reviews begin For information on scheduling in-person or virtual reviews, please follow this link: https://www.mccscouting.org/eagle-scouts, under # 2. Eagle Scout Project Review, Apache District
6:15 pm, Apache District Committee meets
6:45 pm, Apache Commissioners meet
7:00 pm, Cracker Barrel
7:30 pm, General Meeting
7:30 pm, OA Apache Chapter meeting
8:00 pm:
Cub Scout Breakout: Recruitment: Come hear the Best from the Best!, Trey Eskridge, Eric Forster, Matthew Bonner
Scouts BSA Breakout: Back country First Aid, Dr. Babak Mokari
8:45 pm, “Leave No Trace” dismissal Apache Roundtable Commissioner Brady Drummond-Ryan, bradydryan@gmail.com