Wood Badge What Do I Bring

What Do I Bring to Wood Badge?

A Wood Badge course consists of 2 sessions, Session I and Session II, where Session I is a 3-day weekend event from Friday morning until Sunday afternoon and Session II is a 2-day weekend event from Saturday morning until Sunday afternoon.

For Session I, sleeping accommodations are provided; however, the items listed below are required and are the responsibility of the participant.

NOTE: The participant is required to carry all personal items to a nearby campsite in a single trip.

            Official Scout uniform (s) for your current Scouting position

NOTE: A complete uniform includes the official shirt; shorts or long pants; skirt or culottes; socks; and belt. A hat, neckerchief and slide will be provided.

            Scout Activity uniform(s)

NOTE: An activity uniform includes a Scout t-shirt or knit shirt and shorts or long pants; skirts or culottes; socks; and belt.

  1. Rain gear
  2. Underwear
  3. Sleeping bag
  4. Flashlight/headlamp with spare batteries and bulbs
  5. Day pack/string bag for daily use
  6. Pocketknife or multiple tool-type knife (no fixed-blade knives)
  7. Toiletries, including sunscreen and insect repellent
  8. Medication in original labeled container(s)
  9. Pen/pencil and pocket notebook
  10. Handbook for your Scouting program
  11. Water bottle/coffee cup
  12. Camp chair
  13. Comfortable shoes
  14. Watch

For Session II, sleeping accommodations are not provided. As such, the items listed below are required and are the responsibility of the participant.

NOTE: The transportation of personal gear and patrol gear to campsites is to responsibility of each patrol. Transportation details for Session II are discussed in detail during Session I.

  1. All items required for Session I

  2. Tent

  3. Personal mess kit

  4. Ground cloth, air mattress, or cot

  5. Backpack

  6. Patrol gear (determined during Session I)

The items listed below are optional but helpful to have during both Session I and Session II.

  1. Pillow

  2. Change of shoes

  3. Shower footwear

  4. Sunglasses

  5. Religious books

  6. Camp reference books

  7. Inflatable air seat cushion

  8. Camera