Venturing. Lead the Adventure.

Young men and women 14-20 years old

(or 13 and have completed eighth grade)


Venturing provides positive life experiences through exciting and engaging activities planned and supervised by the youth themselves. The program helps young people mature, build leadership skills, grow by teaching others, and pursue their own unique interests.

Venturing is youth led, adult advised. "Venturing is 85%-15%, the adults provide the safe environment and keep us in compliance with the Guide to Safe Scouting and help make sure our dreams are feasible.  The other 85% is youth led.  There is no set program.  Your crew can be whatever you want it to be.  Each crew has a different focus."

Venturing Scout Logo

"What did you do last weekend? Did it involve a kayaking, canoeing or paddle boarding down a river. How about hitting a perfect target with a rifle or bow. Did you enjoy a scavenger hunt around camp? Or maybe you got to relax in a hammock in the outdoors. Did you do all this last weekend while hanging out with 1000 of your closest friends? If you didn’t do all that (or even if you did!), you should check out Legacy 4.0. Legacy 4.0 is the perfect place for you to get all you can out of the outdoors while being around those with the same interests as you. You can be the one who kayaked, canoed or paddle boarded. The one who got the perfect score in the range and made a ton of new friends around camp. All that and so much more available to you as a Venturer!

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