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Scouter Success Seminar
September 18, 2021

Scout Youth Protection Flyer

Youth Protection

There has been a tremendous amount of publicity about the Boy Scout’s Ineligible Volunteer Files also known as the IV files. Established more than 80 years ago, the files are a key method used to keep Scouts safe. Essentially, the files are a list of people who do not meet the BSA's membership standards because of known or suspected abuse or other inappropriate conduct either inside or outside Scouting.

  • The BSA response to the attorneys' release of these files can be found below and by clicking here.

  • An independent study of the Ineligible Volunteer files (The "Warren Report") can be found here. Click here for a summary of that study.

  • More detailed and related information on Scouting's Youth Protection policies can be found at

  • Video response from our Chief Scout Executive can be found here.

  • Our North Carolina State Attorney General’s office has provided this sex offender registry as a resource to the public. This can be downloaded as an app on any smart phone.  You can go here to get more information.

  • Additional information: click on the links below

Barriers to abuse within Scouting
BSA Youth Protection – The Facts
Letter from Scout Executive and Council President
Youth Protection overview poster
NC Sex Offender Registry


Credited course for registered Scouters can be found at

Non-credited course for public can be found HERE


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