Soccer & Scouting

“Scouting Through Soccer is traditional Scouting with all the ingredients needed to deliver a quality program for today’s young people.”

For more information about Scouting Through Soccer in Mecklenburg County, please contact Hector Abreu at 704-649-3537 or

The game of soccer/futbol has captured the  hearts of people around the globe and  speaks a universal language that brings  together many cultures and generations.  The purpose of this Scouting Through Soccer  Delivery Method Planning Guide is to provide local  councils with an innovative approach for recruiting and  serving young people supported by best methods in  accordance with the standards and practices of the Boy  Scouts of America.


This endeavor is part of a larger movement coordinated  by the Boy Scouts of America to build capacity for  delivering the Scouting program through increasing  youth membership and expanding adult leadership  opportunities. As the country’s demographic landscape  develops, communities are transformed, and councils  and chartered organizations must adapt and use  new recruitment tools and methods that All Markets  audiences can relate to.  Scouting Through Soccer gives local councils an  innovative approach to recruit membership and deliver  a traditional Scouting program to their diverse and  growing communities. 


The Scouting Through Soccer delivery method brings together the world’s premier character-building institution  for boys and young adults and the fastest-growing international youth sport. This unique integration serves as an  innovative way to promote Scouting to many different socioeconomic and multicultural communities that are familiar  with the sport of soccer (or “futbol,” as it is known internationally). In Scouting Through Soccer there is no alternate program delivery method, and there are no shortcuts. Requirements  for any rank in Boy Scouting must be earned as stated no more, no less. Every youth should have an equal Scouting  experience to any other. 


Scouting Through Soccer in Charlotte began in 2006 in the Waholi disctrict. Since then the program has grown into a league with two tournaments per year, with multiple troops and organizations participating. Scouting Through Soccer Program Director/ Scout Master of troop 778 Hector Abreu, was the founder of Scouting Through Soccer in Mecklenburg County. Mr. Abreu has been in-charge of operations and organization for each tournament since 2006. Scouting Through Soccer in Charlotte is a recreational league and all soccer skill levels are welcome.