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Stay Safe and Stay Healthy

From your Apache District Committee


Apache Roundtable for Thursday, June 10, 2021, 7:00 pm will meet in-person at

St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church, 6828 Old Reid Road, Charlotte, NC 28210.

7:00 p.m.  Cracker Barrel, Meet and Greet

7:30 p.m.  General Session:  Opening Flag ceremony, Invocation, District Updates, Training Awards, Announcements, RT Commissioner's Minute

7:50 p.m.  Breakout Session:  Scout Executive Mark Turner on “State of the Council”

8:45 p.m.  “Leave No Trace” clean-up, Roundtable ends

Thursday, July 8, 2021, No Roundtable will occur.

Thursday, August 12, 2021, Next Roundtable

Agenda is posted at

Brady Drummond-Ryan,

Apache Roundtable Commissioner

On Schedule --- Eagle Project Proposal in-person Reviews, will occur at St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church, 6828 Old Reid Road, Charlotte, NC 28210 on these dates:

Thursday, June 10, 2021, 6:00 pm

Thursday, July 8, 2021, 6:00 p.m.,

Thursday, August 12, 2021, 6:00 p.m

Scouts may request virtual reviews.  Scouts should follow instructions for scheduling posted at, then Project Review Information, or

Recruiting Ideas for Your Unit

Recruiting is tough right now.  No access to traditional CMS schools, many CO’s not letting you in the building. Families still COVID-shy of in person meetings.  The following ideas are for your Unit to leverage now (and in the future!):

          – promote what your Scouts are doing, when and where you meet.

            Facebook – if you don’t have a Unit page, that’s fine, many HOA’s or neighborhoods have a page where you can promote what your Scouts are doing, when and where you meet.

            Charter Org News – ask your Charter Org to promote what your Scouts are doing in their news/ bulletins.  Have them share on their Social Media channels.

            Local School Principal & PTA – do you know the Principal and/ or PTA where most of your Scouts come from?  Now is the time to build and foster those relationships.  Cleanup around the school, take pictures and have them post on their Social Media channels.

For more information or ideas, contact Apache Membership Chair Andy Waligowski at

Bryan on Scouting Blog, January 21, 2021

“Before you meet, make sure you screen for COVID-19”

This article includes 2021 updates and links about COVID risk management.

Cub Scout Meetings – Where Do We Go?

If your Charter Org is closed, you can still meet outside.  Now is a great time to keep the outing in Scouting.  Meet at public parks – Town or County parks are open.  If you can’t have traditional Den Meetings, meet as a Pack and let the Scouts learn Scout skills – some may be advanced or repeats, but get them outside and have them bring a friend!!

For more information or ideas, contact Apache Membership Chair Andy Waligowski at

Cub Scout leaders

These resources may be helpful to planning Cub programs:

These Cub Scout Adventures video resources can help your next den meeting:

Merit Badge Information

Current merit badge requirements:

Unofficial, optional merit badge workbooks:

Blue Card Guide:

Merit Badge Homework Guide:

Official BSA merit badge pamphlets:

Troop library, Mecklenburg County Council Scout Shop,

Printed and digital editions for Kindle:

Scheduled Merit Badge Courses

Eagle Day at Myers Park Presbyterian Church on Saturday, June 5, 2021

The following merit badge classes are offered:

Citizenship in Community

Citizenship in the Nation

Citizenship in the World


Emergency Preparedness




An Eagle Day Guide 2021 with information on courses, health forms, and pre-course homework is posted at

On-line registration and payment are live at


Merit Badge Saturdays at Belk Scout Camp

On-line registration and payment are open for

Saturday, August 21             Environmental Science

Saturday, October 2              Environmental Science

Saturday, November 20        Environmental Science

Saturday, December 4          Fish and Wildlife Management

Links to a Merit Badge Saturdays Guide (with information on the course, health forms, and pre-course homework) and on-line registration and payment are live at

Save the Dates:  Aquatics Merit Badges at Belk Scout Camp

Thursday, Friday, July 22, 23, 2021, times to be determined

Swimming $35

Lifesaving $45


Camp Grimes

Friday, Saturday, July 30, Aug 1, 2021, times to be determined

Canoeing $40

Kayaking $40


Stamp Collecting Merit Badge

Saturday, July 24, 2021, in conjunction with Charlotte Philatelic Society’s Annual Stamp Show in the Worrell Building, CPCC Central Campus

Before registering, please review the Stamp Collecting Merit Badge Guide posted at


On-line registration and payment are open at

Save the Dates:  Personal Management Merit Badge 

Late August, 2021--first on-line meeting, follow-up on-line and in-person meetings to be scheduled, ending December, 2021.

Links to more information and registration will be posted at


Save the Dates:

“Great Scout Cook Out” (Cooking Merit Badge, maybe others) at Camp Grimes

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, October 8-9-10, 2021

Schedule Your Own Merit Badge Courses

Scuba Merit Badge

BSA Conservation and STEM Award Information

Opportunities for Service Hours and Eagle Projects

“Guidelines for Scout Community Service and Conservation Projects with Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation Department”

“Guidelines for Scout Community Service and Conservation Projects with Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation Department” are posted at posted at

Information on volunteer opportunities is posted at


Community Service

Rank advancement requires community service. Tenderfoot requires 1 hour. Second Class requires 2 hours. First Class requires 3 hours. Star requires 6 hours. Life requires 6 hours, 3 hours of which must be conservation-related. Eagle requires a service project.

Summer of Service 2021 patches

Advancement Update:  Extensions Beyond Age 18

Local Councils have authority to grant limited extensions of time to complete Eagle, Quartermaster, or Summit requirements.

More information is available at

Digital Safety and Online Scouting Activities


Volunteers Needed – Eagle Projects and Eagle Boards of Review

The Apache Advancement team seeks volunteers to participate in Eagle Project Proposal Reviews and in Eagle Boards of Review.  For those interested, please email the Apache Advancement Chair, Dean Elledge at

Eagle Application Packets with Complete Merit Badge Advancement Records Requested

When Scouts present their Eagle application packets to the Council office to seek scheduling for the Eagle Boards of Review, please include a current Scoutbook or other advancement report so that the Board can process an immediate Palm recognition request at the time of the Board.

For further Advancement information, please contact your Apache District Advancement Chair or visit or

Eagle Board of Review Questions

Tools for Eagle Projects

Charlotte Community ToolBank provides inexpensive access to tools for group projects.

When Scouts present their Eagle application packets to the Council office to seek scheduling for the Eagle Boards of Review, please include a current Scoutbook or other advancement report so that the Board can process an immediate Palm recognition request at the time of the Board.

Eagle project idea—Bug Hotel


Aquatics News


Save the Dates

Saturday, June 12, Cub Day Camp and WAC Swim Tests at Belk Scout Camp

Saturday, June 26, WAC Swim Tests at Belk Scout Camp

Links to on-line sign-up pages:

BSA Lifeguard training 

Friday-Saturday, June 4-5, at Belk Scout Camp plus advanced classes via Zoom

Registration is open at

Scout youth age 15 and older with strong swimming skills can qualify to serve as BSA Lifeguards at the Belk pool and can volunteer for Cub Day Camp and WAC and can assist with aquatic merit badge days.  BSA Lifeguards must be 16 or older to serve as lifeguards at the waterfront at Camp Grimes.

Paddle Craft Safety Course

Saturday, June 19, 2021, 10:30 AM - 4:00 PM, at Camp Grimes Waterfront

Paddle Craft Safety expands Safety Afloat training to include the skills and knowledge needed for a unit leader to confidently supervise canoeing or kayaking excursions on flat water. Youth age 15 and above are eligible to attend. The course requires participants to complete the Safety Afloat online course in advance, to meet BSA Swim Test "Swimmer" requirements, and to complete a written test at the end of the course.

Online registration and payment are open at:

Registration closes on Wednesday, June 16/16/2021,11:55 p.m.

From the Pond

US Forest Service Kids Fishing Days

The Pisgah National Forest will sponsor a series of “Kids Fishing Days” on each ranger district for National Fish and Boating week. For further details, please visit U S Forest Service Kids Fishing Days at


Kids Fishing Event at Bass Pro

Bass Pro at Concord Mills Mall will host a walk-up Kids Fishing event at its pond on Saturdays and Sundays of June 12-13 and 19-20 from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  More details will be posted soon on the Bass Pro web site at


Bring fishing to your Scouts and units with Cub Scout Fishing and

Fishing and Fly-Fishing Merit Badge learning and teaching resources.  Find links at


Outing in Scouting

Long distance trails in NC


Subscribe for free printable USGS Topo maps

Bring Dutch oven cooking and baking to your Scouts:

Intro to Dutch oven cooking

Dessert recipes


Scouting at Home

Merit badges for social distancing: 58 badges Scouts can complete at home


Movies for Merit Badge Advancement


Remote Scouting



Please consider the high value and low cost of word-of-mouth advertising for Scouting.  Scouting families have enjoyed an increasing number of outdoor activities at our camps and through den, pack, patrol, troop, crew, district, and council programs.  We have new stories to tell of our good times.  Spreading the word to friends and neighbors at the beach or pool or backyard parties can open doors to opportunities for more youth and adults to join Scouting during Fall Round-up.


Saturday, May 29, 2021:  Memorial Day Weekend Flag Ceremonies

An estimated 300 Scouts and 100 adults gathered at Evergreen Cemetery and at Sharon Memorial Park to decorate the graves of military veterans with American flags.  After an opening ceremony to raise a large American flag to half-mast in step with the national guideline to honor the 9 victims of the mass shooting on at the San Jose Valley Transit Authority on May 26, Scouts picked up bundles of flags and dispersed to walk through the cemeteries.  As they walked quietly peering down at bronze markers and tomb stones, they looked for images and words indicating military service:  a parachute symbol, “Pvt US Army”, “World War I”, “World War II”, “Korean War”, “Viet Nam”.  These were their clues to place a flag and to reflect on how these men and women contributed to history.  In all, these Scouts placed 6000 flags.  On this day, they too contributed to history, recorded here and in their memories, and took home lessons in citizenship and service.


2021 Camp Card Sale—Extended until August 30!

Vendor discounts last until the end of 2021.  Please contact Brian Sweeney, Hornets Nest District Director and 2021 Camp Card Adviser, for details.

Scouts can sell online at  The Council will mail the cards to your customers.  Scouts must set up a Scout ID with their unit Camp Card Coordinator. The sale has a first responder option for those that want to support a Scout but do not want the card.  We will recognize first responders with these cards for their service.

Scout Shop News

The Cub Scout Adventure Program will retire the following 19 Elective Adventures effective May 31, 2022:

Tiger:  Earning Your Stripes, Family Stories, Tiger Tales, Tiger Theater

Wol:  Collections and Hobbies, Grow Something, Hometown Heroes, Motor Away

Bear:  Beat of the Drum, Make It Move, Robotics, World of Sound

Webelos/AOL:  Adventures in Science, Build My Hero, Fix It, Looking Back Looking Forward, Maestro Movie Making, Project Family

Why the Change: These have been identified as the lowest earned within their rank, with the lowermost being earned by less than 3% of eligible youth.

All 19 Adventures are still eligible to be earned during the 2021-2022 program year. However, inventory is limited and will only be available while supplies last.

For more information:

Attention:  Lion, Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos Dens

2021 Cub Day Camp at Belk Scout Camp

Monday, June 14 through Friday, June 18 -- Cub Day Camp is open to Cub Scouts from all districts and councils.

Webelos Adventure Camp 2021 – Preparing for Summer

If you have not yet selected the schedule for your scouts at WAC this summer please do so as soon as you can. Don’t wait until the last minute to make this important decision.

As camp approaches, you can do a few things to prepare yourself and your scouts.

If you are not up to date on your training, please complete these online at

•           Youth Protection

•           Weather Hazards

Sign up to complete a swim test before arriving at camp for check in day. There are two dates available at Belk Scout camp:

•           June 12th -

•           June 26th -

Begin collecting the BSA Health Forms from all your scouts and adults. Please review the forms for completeness of all parts including dates and signatures as well as a front and back copy of the insurance card.

Completing the above items will make check in run much more smoothly when you join us this summer to escape the great indoors.

For more information contact the WAC Camp Director, Sasha Timkovich

Save the Date!  Friday - Sunday, November 12 - 14, 2021

3rd Annual NST10 [National Service Territory] All-Girl Camporee at Camp Grimes

Details forthcoming.  Please email  with any questions or if you would like to be involved in the planning process.


Exploring (for young men and women 10 to 20 years old)

Why We Do What We Do…

My middle son Will and two of his classmates and fellow EMT’s were in the Charlotte Fire Fighters Exploring Post, and Troop 118. Captain Stefan Jones was the post leader and, oh, how he made an impression on Will. During Will’s junior and senior year in high school Will took every opportunity to ride along, and even stay overnight, with Station 3 or 42……and his mom and I can credit Will for convincing his brother to sell his motorcycle after sharing some of the motorcycle accident calls he rode on. Today all three of them continue their service as commissioned officers; Will in the U.S. Navy, and his friends serve in the U.S. Coast Guard.

~William B. Cornett (Bill)


Exploring provides exciting activities and mentorship for youth looking to discover their future.


Exploring Career Interest Survey

Engaging with career professionals, middle and high school students gain unique, real-life opportunities to experience varied career choices aiding in a more informed decision about future careers.

Below is the 2021 Career Exploring survey link to share with 8th through 12th grade students. By completing this survey, students will receive an invite from us to attend open house events if there is a career interest match.

If you have a 6th or 7th grade student, or perhaps you would like to serve as a career mentor, or if you have any other questions, please schedule meeting with me at

National Scouting

Scouting magazine news

The print version of Scouting magazine ended with the May-June 2020 issue.

A new Scouting magazine app is available now in the App Store and Google Play.

Archives of old editions are at and at

BSA High Adventure Base reservations 

Northern Tier

Check out Summer, Winter, and Autumn Adventures at



Some crew slots for 2021 are open.  Registration is open for Individual Treks, Ranch Hands, STEM Trek, OA Trail Crew, Trail Crew, Roving Outdoor Conservation School, Rayado, Family Adventure Camp, Training Center Conferences, NAYLE, Philmont Leadership Challenge, PhilBreak, Autumn Adventure, Volunteer Vacation.


Florida Sea Base

Check out 2022 Sea Base information and registrations at


Summit Bechtel Reserve

Check out High Adventure, Scout Camp, Training and Conferences at


New and OldWhere To Go Camping Guide 2021

The Catawba Lodge Where To Go Camping Guide is alive and well at

The WTGCG is a large file (275 pages) with all kinds of information related to camping opportunities, in local camps, parks, state and national forests, High Adventure Bases, national and international events, by way of car camping, backpacking, and float trips.


Link your Lodge Email to your Personal Email

Some of you may not know how to access your Lodge email account, or may be unaware that

you have one. You can find instructions on forwarding all of your Lodge emails to your personal

email account at


The Catawba Lodge Executive Board (LEB) established dates for Lodge events in 2021 at its January meeting:

June 4-6   OA Ordeal at BSC

September 10-12   OA Ordeal at BSC

October 1-3   OA Fall Fellowship at BSC

December 3   OA Banquet at BSC

OA High Adventure Opportunities

Summer, 2021

OA Canadian Odyssey (Northern Tier)

OA Ocean Adventure (Florida Sea Base)

OA Summit Experience (Summit Bechtel Reserve)

OA Trail Crew (Philmont Scout Ranch)

OA Wilderness Voyage (Northern Tier)


OA, Southern Region, 2020 National Leadership Seminars (NLS) (for youth)

Sept 24-26, 2021, Orlando, FL

Nov 12-14, 2021, BSA National Office, Irving, TX

Dec 10-12, 2021, Greensboro, NC

OA, Southern Region, 2020 Developing Youth Leadership Conferences (DYLC) (for advisers)

Sept 24-26, 2021, Orlando, FL

Nov 12-14, 2021, BSA National Office, Irving, TX

Dec 10-12, 2021, Greensboro, NC



“Trained” Patches for Youth Leaders

Scout youth leaders who have completed Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops (ILST), den chiefs (Scouts, Sea Scouts, or Venturers) who have completed Den Chief Training, and Venturing youth leaders who have completed the Crew Officers Orientation or Introduction to Leadership Skills for Crews (ILSC) may wear the Trained Leader emblem with their badge of office.

Den Chief training is available online at

ILST and ILSC are available online at

Youth should print their certificates to present to unit leaders for facilitate record keeping.

Youth Training

SEALS (for youth) and IOLS (for adults) courses at Belk Scout Camp are planned for the second weekend of March and for the second weekend in November on an ongoing basis.

SEALS - Scouts Excited About Leadership Skills [for youth] at Belk Scout Camp

Next SEALS course:  Friday-Saturday-Sunday, November 12-14, 2021

National Youth Leader Training (NYLT, AKA “Top Gun”) at Belk Scout Camp

Online registration is open for NYLT scheduled for June 27-July 2, 2021 at  at


National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience (NAYLE) at Philmont


National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience (NAYLE) at Summit

Adult Training


Cub Scouts:

Scouts BSA: 

For more information, contact Training Chair Towner Blackstock at  


September 11-12, 2021

BALOO (Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation) [for adults] at Belk Scout Camp

BALOO is an introduction to the Cub Scout outdoor program.

Upcoming Mecklenburg County Council Training Courses

For information on Upcoming Cub Leader Training and on Upcoming Scouts BSA Leader Training, please go to

OLS (Outdoor Leadership Skills): May 22-23, 2021


BALOO (Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation) [for adults] at Belk Scout Camp

BALOO is an introduction to the Cub Scout outdoor program.

Information on future courses will be posted at

Wilderness First Aid

MCC Wood Badge S5-415-20 at Belk Scout Camp


Philmont Training Center 2021 Conferences [for adult volunteer training]

BSA Family Adventure Camp


Recognize Scouter Excellence

“Trained” Patches for Adult Leaders

Adults leaders can find requirements for earning their “Trained” patches at

along with references to online training courses available at

Another resource is

Online District Committee training is available.


Units, recognize your uniformed leaders by presenting them “Trained” patches and the following awards. These knots require training to position and tenure:

  • Den Leader Award

  • Scout Leader's Training Award (Any leader)

  • Scouter Key (Cubmasters and Scoutmasters)

  • Unit Leader Award of Merit (Committee submits for Cubmasters and Scoutmasters)
    Requirements and tracking forms:

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