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Stay Safe and Stay Healthy

From your Apache District Committee


Apache Roundtable for Thursday, October 8, 2020

Zoom meeting, 7:00 p.m.—Presentation Topic: Pending

Cub Scout leaders only

These resources may be helpful to planning Cub programs:


These Cub Scout Adventures video resources can help your next den meeting:


Canceled --- Eagle Project Reviews, Thursday, October 8, 2020, 5:00 pm, then Project Review Information, or

Canceled - Apache Annual Banquet

Thursday, December 10, 2020


NEW and IMPORTANT - Apache District Annual Awards


Although our December Apache Banquet will not occur this year, Apache District will still recognize the outstanding contributions to Apache Scouting by its units and district volunteers.


We are seeking nominations for the following :


District Award of Merit

Cub Scouter of the Year 

Scouter of the Year

Venture Leader of the Year



Go to the UPCOMING EVENTS SECTION at the bottom of the Apache District home page.


In addition units may name a Unit Godsend Award Recipient.  FOR GODSEND AWARD FORMS SEE


All nomination are due by November 9, 2020 by email to


Honorees will be notified and published on Thursday December 8, 2020.

Important - Scouting for Food 2021

January, 2021, Bag bundles pickup, date, time, location pending

Saturday, January 30, 2021, Bag distribution to neighborhoods

Sunday, January 31, 2021, Bag distribution to worshippers leaving church services

Saturday, February 6, 2021, Food donation collection from neighborhoods

Sunday, February 7, 2021, Food donation collection from worshippers arriving to church services

October is our kickoff month for 2021 Scouting for Food (SFF).

We have presumptively assigned units with the same territories and with the same bag order allotments as last year, with these assignments having been consistent over the last several years.  Since we are not meeting for Roundtables, all units should contact Phil Adams to confirm territory, bag order, and unit coordinator contact name, phone number, and email address.

All the mechanics for SFF are not yet complete, including bag distribution, but I will keep you informed.

This is our Good Turn for America and a tremendous help to Loaves and Fishes for hungry people in Mecklenburg County. PLEASE SUPPORT THIS PROGRAM!

Apache units have done great in past years, and hopefully this will be another successful campaign.


Phil Adams


Apache SFF Coordinator

Merit Badge Information

More information on local courses is available at


Information on regional and national courses is posted at

Spreadsheet sorts by date and by state are recommended.


Current merit badge requirements:

Scheduled Merit Badge Courses

NEW - Conservation Saturdays at Belk Scout Camp

10/17, 24, 31/2020--Conservation Service Projects

10/24/2020--Fish and Wildlife Management Merit Badge

10/31/2020--Forestry Merit Badge

11/21/2020--Conservation Service Projects

For details of service projects, merit badge requirements and pre-course homework, COVID-19 precautions and forms,

please click HERE to download Conservation Saturdays Guide 2020


To register for Conservation Service Projects on Saturday,10/17/2020, please click on


To register for Fish and Wildlife Management Merit Badge or

for Conservation Service Projects on Saturday,10/24/2020, please click on


To register for Forestry Merit Badge or 

for Conservation Service Projects on Saturday,10/31/2020, please click on


To register for Conservation Service Projects on Saturday,11/21/2020, please click on

NEW – Stamp Collecting Merit Badge

Saturday, October 31, 2020, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Scouts can earn Stamp Collecting Merit Badge by completing pre-course homework and all other requirements at the event.

Location:  St. Sarkis Armenian Church

7000 Park Road

Charlotte, NC 28210


Registration fee:     $10.00 plus $1.00 transaction fee

Please click HERE to download and read Stamp Collecting Merit Badge Guide before registering.

To register and pay, please click on

NEW – Winter Camp 2020 at Belk Scout Camp

Friday-Saturday-Sunday, December 18-19-20, 2020      Please Save These Dates

Snow Sports Merit Badge

Friday-Saturday-Sunday, February 26-27-28, 2021

Lake Junaluska Conference & Retreat Center

91 North Lakeshore Drive, Lake Junaluska, NC 28745

Stamp Collecting Merit Badge

in conjunction with Charlotte Philatelic Society’s Annual Stamp Show

Saturday, July 24, 2021

Discovery Place Science and Discovery Place Nature have closed for the indefinite future.  When those facilities open again, we will post an updated schedule for their merit badge courses.


Eagle Project Reviews during COVID-19, Update as of 5/27.2020

Having moved into Phase two of the Governor’s Plan to reopen North Carolina, the Mecklenburg County Council’s Advancement Committee has approved limited in-person reviews of Eagle Projects.  Project Proposal reviews will not be at St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church for the immediate future.  The Scout is to follow the normal protocol of requesting a review via email to  These requests will be distributed periodically to Eagle Project Reviewers.  Once a reviewer has been assigned, the reviewer will contact the Scout (with a copy to another adult to maintain 2-deep leadership) to coordinate a mutually agreed location that allows appropriate social distancing in accordance with CDC guidelines.  For those Scouts and Reviewers that have safety concerns with in-person reviews, the Apache District will continue to allow virtual reviews until further notice.  The Scout should indicate their preference (or lack thereof) in their request for a project review.  The reviewer will contact the Scout and will establish plans to complete the review.

Eagle Application Packet Processing and Reviews, Update of 5/27/2020

With the Council office and Scout Shop now open with its normal operating hours, a Scout or troop leader may drop off a newly completed Eagle application packet during Scout Shop hours.  If the Scout or leader is uncomfortable with entering the Scout Shop, he or she should call the Scout Shop number 704 342 9323 when they arrive at the Council office and let Scout Shop Manager Jennifer Adkins know that they have an Eagle packet to leave.  She will come out to their car to retrieve the packet.  Laura Bachelder of the Council staff will review the application material for completeness and notify the District Eagle Scout Board of Review Coordinator that the application is ready to be picked up.


Eagle Scout Boards of Review, Update as of 5/27/2020

Having moved into Phase 2 of the Governor’s Plan to reopen North Carolina, the Mecklenburg County Council’s Advancement Committee has approved the following:  Effective immediately, in-person Eagle Boards of Review can now be resumed if all parties are comfortable and feel safe following CDC guidelines.  Virtual Eagle Boards of Review are an option if in-person Eagle Boards of Review are not possible.  In-person Eagle Boards of Review are encouraged where the situation allows.


The District Advancement Chairs, along with the District Advancement Committees, will immediately start expediting the backlog of Eagle Scout packets submitted to the Scout Office during the COVID shutdown.  Also, Eagle Scout packets ready to be turned in may be submitted to the Scout Office during normal working hours.


If units are restricted from their normal EBOR meeting place for COVID reasons and have no other option, the conference rooms at the Scout Office are available. Please contact your District Advancement Chair, or District Director, to reserve a date and space at the Scout Office for your EBOR.


Utilization of outdoor facilities such as public parks where one might have access to picnic tables and benches is another option.


After an Eagle Board, a District Eagle Board Reviewer can return the signed Eagle application and all letters of recommendation to the Council office by following the same schedule and process.

Age-Extension Beyond the 18th Birthday for Eagle Requirements during COVID-19

With new national guidelines to adapt to COVID-19, age extensions beyond the 18th birthday for Eagle Scout requirements (and Summit Award requirements) are available for current Life Scouts.  These extensions include, but are not limited to, hardships in completing Eagle Projects. Many organizations that are currently the beneficiaries, or may be the beneficiaries of planned projects, may have enacted rules that prevent Scouts from completing their projects before their 18th birthdays. In addition, the Scout may not be able to organize sufficient assistance (or may not be able to enlist the assistance of others due to the social distancing requirements) to allow them to meet the supervisory goals of the Eagle project during this period.


National Advancement Committee has delegated the local council advancement committee and Scout executive permission to approve age-extensions for the Eagle Scout candidate. This applies to Life Scouts who cannot complete Eagle (and Venturing Summit) requirements prior to the 18th birthday because of the corona virus shutdown. Scouts have three months after their 18th birthday to complete any requirements. Extension requests for more than 3 months beyond the youth’s 18th (21st for Sea Scouts and Venturers) birthday must be sent to the National Service Center following the process outlined in the Guide to Advancement. Life Scouts may apply for age-extension approval between now and September 30, 2020, for local approval. After that date, National must grant such approvals. Please email all requests for such local approval to Joel Moser, Council Advancement Chair at by using Form 512-077, available at     

Updates for Rank Advancement/Camping Requirements in COVID-19 FAQ

BSA National has added temporary changes to rank requirements.

Blue Card and Advancement Report Processing

Advancement reports (with supporting blue cards and/or summer camp advancement reports) can be mailed in or dropped off at any time in the mail slot at the back door of the office (the mail slot is 1.5 inches tall).  Although many troops use Scoutbook for advancement reports, some may use the BSA Advancement form as posted at .  Blue cards are very strongly recommended to all Scouts and to all troops because blue card records can be invaluable to confirm merit badges for Star, Life, and especially for Eagle Boards of Review.


After the Scout Shop receives the reports and cards, processing may take up to 7 to 10 business days.  Troop leaders should please include contact information so that the Scout Shop can call when reports and blue cards are ready for pickup.  Pickup can occur during curbside Scout Shop hours, currently Tuesdays and Fridays from 12:00 noon to 3:00 p.m.  If leaders would like to purchase badges, they can note it with the packet delivery or can email a copy of the advancement report to Scout Shop Manager Jennifer Adkins at  so that badges can be pulled for curbside pickup.  Costs for badges can be deducted from unit Scout Shop accounts with express permission from an authorized user or can be paid for by credit card.

Signatures for advancements

All advancement reports require at least one signature.  If any ranks 1st Class and above are listed on the report, 3 signatures are still required.  Unit leaders can send e-signatures by email to Council Program Assistant Laura Bachelder at

How to conduct a board of review through videoconferencing

The Mecklenburg County Council Advancement Committee has endorsed and approved Boards of Review conducted through videoconferencing.


Digital Safety and Online Scouting Activities


Updated Merit Badges

Scouts BSA has updated requirements for several merit badges for 2020.  The full list of 137 merit badges and their current requirements are available at

As always, Scouts that have already started working on a merit badge when revised requirements and a new edition of the pamphlet are introduced, they may continue to follow the old requirements and use the same pamphlet to earn the badge. They need not start over again with revised requirements and the new pamphlet.


Volunteers Needed – Eagle Projects and Eagle Boards of Review

Last year 120 Scouts in the Apache District earned their Eagle Rank. In addition, a similar number of Scouts presented had their Eagle Project Proposals to members of the District Advancement Committee for their review of the projects prior to the Scout’s commencement of their project.  As Scouting grows in the Apache District, so does our need for Project Proposal reviewers and Eagle Board reviewers.  Project Proposal reviews occur on Roundtable nights on the second Thursday of each month at St. Vincent de Paul Church beginning at 5:00 p.m.   Eagle Boards of Review are usually scheduled on troop meeting nights with the respective Scoutmasters.  We will provide the necessary guidance and training. For those interested, please email the Apache Advancement Chair, Dean Elledge at


Eagle Application Packets with Complete Merit Badge Advancement Records Requested Life Scouts and Troop Advancement Chairs:  please include a printout of a Scout’s advancement record, including all merit badges earned, in the Eagle Application Packet that goes to Council.  These records will allow the Troop and the Council to promptly process recognition of the Scout with Eagle Palms, if he or she qualifies.

For further Advancement information, please contact your Apache District Advancement Chair or visit or

Eagle Board of Review Questions

Tools for Eagle Projects

Charlotte Community ToolBank provides inexpensive access to tools for group projects.

NEW -  From the Pond


Keeping Fishing Simple

Who can remember being a kid and catching your first fish? 

You do not need a boat, lots of fishing rods or fancy equipment to have fun fishing. All you really need is a line, a hook, bait, and a pond or stream.  A stick or cane pole and bobber are good, but not absolutely necessary.  The point is Keep it Simple!

For further information, check-out the resources on Mecklenburg County Council’s Fishing website at

If you have any questions about our MCC’s fishing program, please contact the Mecklenburg County Council Fishing Committee at

Be sure to follow us on Facebook….

Revised Merit Badge Counselor Guides

Are you a Merit Badge Counselor for Fishing or Fly Fishing or both? 

Fresh off the press!  Here are the revised Merit Badge Counselor Guides for your use.  Click on the links below to access the files.

Fishing MB Counselor Guide

Fly Fishing MB Counselor Guide


Merit Badge Counselor Registrations

If you are not a merit badge counselor or need to renew, please visit the Council’s Advancement page at  Please remember that all Merit Badge Counselors need to renew annually, usually in December.


Stay safe and FISH ON!!!

Outing in Scouting


Long distance trails in NC


Subscribe for free printable USGS Topo maps

NEW - On a cold winter evening, bring Dutch oven cooking and baking to your Scouts:

Intro to Dutch oven cooking

Dessert recipes

Scouting at Home

NEW - Preparing presentation materials for virtual learning?

Please check out BSA Brand Guidelines at

specifically, page 12 for information on the BSA blue activity graphic,

page 29 for graphics for PowerPoint slides, and page 46 for typefaces.

BSA PowerPoint templates are at

BSA Activity Graphic is at


Merit badges for social distancing: 58 badges Scouts can complete at home

Movies that Scouts might watch to fulfill merit badge requirements


Three merit badges include requirements that can be fulfilled by watching movies:

American Heritage

American Labor

Citizenship in the Community

Below are links to lists of movies that may be applicable to requirements from each of these merit badges.  Before a Scout watches any of these movies or any other movie, whether for merit badge work or for school or for entertainment, the Scout must receive permission from their parents.  Before a Scout watches any movie for merit badge work, the Scout must also have permission from their merit badge counselor.


American Heritage, requirement 5a

5. Do ONE of the following: (a) Watch two motion pictures (with the approval and permission of your counselor and parent) that are set in some period of American history. Describe to your counselor how accurate each film is with regard to the historical events depicted and also with regard to the way the characters are portrayed.


American Labor, requirement 5c

5. Do ONE of the following:

(c) With your counselor’s and parent’s approval and permission, watch a movie that addresses organized labor in the United States. Afterward, discuss the movie with your counselor and explain what you learned.


Citizenship in the Community, requirement 5

5. With the approval of your counselor and a parent, watch a movie that shows how the actions of one individual or group of individuals can have a positive effect on a community. Discuss with your counselor what you learned from the movie about what it means to be a valuable and concerned member of the community



100 movies that every Scout should see, a list published by Boys' Life. (Some suggestions will require parental guidance.)


100 books that every Scout should read, a list published by Boys' Life. (Some suggestions will require parental guidance.)


Podcast--Listen to Mecklenburg County Scouting from BrandBuilders on Apple Podcasts

Recorded by Mark Turner, Eric Davis, Jennifer Clutter



Remote Scouting


Attention:  Lion, Tiger, Wolf, and Bear Dens

Apache Fall Cuboree at Camp Grimes

November 6-8, 2020, Friday-Saturday-Sunday 


Attention:  Webelos and AOL Dens and Scouts BSA Troops

Apache Webeloree + Camporee at Camp Grimes

October 23-24-25, 2020, Friday-Saturday-Sunday,

Fall Recruiting is the Beginning, not the End

As a reminder, Units should recruit year-round.  Don’t just rely on fall back to school.  Use local events in your area, at your Charter Organization, and in the schools.


Share Your Recruiting Success

Did you do something new or take a different approach?  Did the Choose your own night work better than one common night?  What didn’t work?  What could the District/ Council do differently to support your Unit?  Share with Andy Waligowski at for a chance to win a gift card at November Roundtable!

Six recruiting secrets from a Scouts BSA troop that doubled in size in the past year

Welcome New Cub Scout Families!

Membership Committee – WE WANT YOU!

Apache District NEEDS you. As the newly appointed Apache District Membership Chair, my goal is to ensure we cover all available programs – Boys, Girls, Adults, Cubs, Venture, Scouts BSA, Special Initiatives and retention/ cross over.

For more information contact Andy Waligowski –



Scout Shop News


First aid kit supplies and survival kit supplies are available in the Mecklenburg County Council Scout Shop.

Webelos First Responder requirement 6.  Put together a simple home first-aid kit. Explain what you included and how to use each item correctly.


Webelos Walkabout requirement 2. Assemble a first-aid kit suitable for your hike or activity.


Tenderfoot requirement 4d.  Assemble a personal first-aid kit to carry with you on future campouts and hikes. Tell how each item in the kit would be used.


First Aid Merit Badge requirement 5.  Do the following:

(a) Prepare a first-aid kit for your home. Display and discuss its contents with your counselor.

(b) With an adult leader, inspect your troop's first-aid kit. Evaluate it for completeness. Report your findings to your counselor and Scout leader


Webelos-AOL Castaway Requirement # 2.  Do all of the following.

A. Learn what items should be in an outdoor survival kit that you can carry in a small bag or box in a day pack. Assemble your own small survival kit, and explain to your den leader why the items you chose are important for survival.


First Aid Skill - What is a “ring string”?

A ring string is used to compress swelling from a finger where a ring is stuck and otherwise cannot be removed.  Swelling might occur from arthritis, trauma, infection, burn, or medical conditions like heart or kidney diseases that cause fluid retention.  A ring string could be string, a strand of paracord core, fishing line, dental floss, sewing thread, narrow ribbon, a rubber band.  A ring string can be wrapped from fingertip toward the ring to force swelling under the ring.  A tooth pick, a rounded end of a safety pin, a pen tip cover, or other fine blunt probe can be used to push the string beneath the ring.  By gently pulling on the end of the string passing beneath the ring, the ring string unwinds off the finger and pushes the ring toward the fingertip where it is removed.  If swelling is only partially improved by the first wrapping, the wrapping and removal process can be repeated.  Applying hand lotion or cooking oil or soap as lubrication to the swollen finger can allow the ring to slide off more easily.

Adult Volunteer Registration and Renewals

BSA National now requires an updated Background Check Form to be submitted with each new Adult Application (along with BSA Youth Protection certificate) and with each adult registration renewal for rechartering units, merit badge counselors, districts and councils.  Here are links to information and forms:

Second Annual Area 5 All-Girl Camporee at Camp Grimes

Friday-Saturday-Sunday, November 20-21-22, 2020

Contact for information:

Attention:  Lion, Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos Dens

2021 Cub Day Camps

June 7 - June 11, Monday – Friday               Etowah Day Camp at Belk Scout Camp

June 7 - June 11, Monday – Friday               Hornets Nest Day Camp at Bethel Presbyterian                                                                               Church, Cornelius

June 21 - June 25, Monday – Friday             Apache Day Camp at Belk Scout Camp

                                                                        Theme is “Weird Science”


NEW   Attention:  Bear and Webelos Dens

2021 Webelos Adventure Camp (WAC) Sessions at Belk Scout Camp

July 8 - July 11, Thursday – Sunday               Session 1

July 11 - July 14, Sunday – Wednesday         Session 2

July 15 - July 18, Thursday – Sunday             Session 3

NEW   Attention:  AOL Dens, Scouts BSA Troops, Summer Camp Staff

2021 Camp Grimes Dates and Deadlines

September 15, 2020   Staff Employment Applications Accepted

January 15, 2021        Troop Camper Deposits Due - $20.00 per Scout

April 15                        Campership Applications Due

May 1                          Balance of Camp Fees Due

May 5                          OA Beaver Days Registration Deadline 

May 14-15-16             OA Beaver Days

June 6 - June 11         Staff Week

June 13 - June 19       Week 1

June 20 - June 26       Week 2

June 27 - July 3          Week 3

July 4 - July 10            Week 4

July 11 - July 17          Week 5

NEW   Mecklenburg County Council virtual FOS Celebration

As of 09/09/2020, our Council virtually celebrated its progress with the 2020 Friends of Scouting (FOS) campaign, having raised 94%of its $850,000 goal.  Many thanks to all of the generous donors who have invested in Scouting!

For inspiring stories of accomplishment and drive by Scouts and their units during this pandemic, please view the celebration at



Greetings Brothers,

Apache Chapter Remind

Get in the Know! Join the Apache Chapter Remind below to receive announcements and news updates about important information within the chapter.

  • Text @apachecha to 81010 to join

- Dues are Due!

Have you paid your annual Catawba Lodge dues this year? If not, we strongly encourage that you do! Lodge dues are required to be up-to-date in order to participate in lodge and chapter events. Payment info can be found on the lodge website, or you can click on THIS LINK to go to our secure online payment page and get started.

OA Representative Section:

Below you will find the newest addition the Apache section of Smoke Signals; the OA Representative section. Specially designed for OA reps, this section will help make their job easier, and keep your troop informed.

OA Representative Tips and Tricks:

            - Someone in your troop have an ordeal related question? Visit our catawba Lodge Website, under Ordeal Information, to view a page full of information about the August and September ordeals.

            - Interested in learning more about the Chapter? View the Apache section of the Catawba Lodge Website to find out more information regarding Apache goals, vision, and plans for the year.

            - Sign up for the Apache Remind so you always have the most up-to-date information on the chapter to share with your troop!

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            -Chapter Key Three:

            Andrew Schoenwald, Chapter Chief:

            Kevin Easley, Vice Chapter Chief:

            Tony Roux, Chapter Adviser:

Contact Information

If there are any Arrowmen that should be included in these notifications that are not currently, please let Mr. Roux or myself know so we can add them to the database. We hope to expand the Apache database even more in this new term of officers.


Link your Lodge Email to your Personal Email

Some of you may not know how to access your Lodge email account, or may be unaware that

you have one. You can find instructions on forwarding all of your Lodge emails to your personal

email account at


Thank you for reading! 


Ryan Coverston

Chapter Secretary


“Trained” Patches for Youth Leaders

Scout youth leaders who have completed Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops (ILST), den chiefs (Scouts, Sea Scouts, or Venturers) who have completed Den Chief Training, and Venturing youth leaders who have completed the Crew Officers Orientation or Introduction to Leadership Skills for Crews (ILSC) may wear the Trained Leader emblem with their badge of office.

Den Chief training is available online at

ILST and ILSC are available online at

Youth should print their certificates to present to unit leaders for facilitate record keeping.


“Trained” Patches for Adult Leaders

Adults leaders can find requirements for earning their trained patches at

along with references to online training courses available at

Another resource is

Online District Committee training is available.


NEW - National Youth Leader Training (NYLT, AKA “Top Gun”)

The next MCC NYLT course is tentatively scheduled for June 2021 (exact date TBD) with registration for this course opening January 1, 2021.


National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience (NAYLE) at Philmont


National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience (NAYLE) at Summit

Philmont Training Center Conferences [for adult volunteer training]

BSA Family Adventure Camp

BALOO (Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation) [for adults] at Belk Scout Camp

BALOO is an introduction to the Cub Scout outdoor program.

Course information will be posted at

NEW - SEALS and IOLS courses at Belk Scout Camp are planned for the second weekend of March and for the second weekend in November on an ongoing basis.

SEALS - Scouts Excited About Leadership Skills [for youth] at Belk Scout Camp

CANCELED - Friday-Saturday-Sunday, November 13-14-15, 2020

Next SEALS course:  Friday-Saturday-Sunday, March 12-13-14, 2021

IOLS - Introduction to Outdoor Leadership Skills [for adults] at Belk Scout Camp

CANCELED - Saturday-Sunday, November 14-15, 2020

Next IOLS course:  Saturday-Sunday, March 13-14, 2021

MCC Wood Badge S5-415-20 at Belk Scout Camp

Wood Badge S5-415-20 is scheduled at Belk Scout Camp, starting on Friday, March 26, 2021 at 7:00 am through Sunday, March 28, 2021 at 5:00 pm and Saturday, April 17, 2021 at 7:00 am through Sunday, April 18, 2021 at 5:00 pm.

NEW - COPE & Climbing Training

Calling All Adult Scouters (18 years & older) and Scouts BSA Youth (16-17 years old who have completed the Climbing Merit Badge)
COPE [Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience] & Climbing Instructors are always needed to help support our year round activities including summer and day camp programs.

Course: Climbing Level I Training (Natural Rock)

Location: Rocky Face Park

When:  Saturday 10/10/20

Time:  8 am  - 6 pm

Cost:  $10

Prerequisite:  COPE & Climbing Level I Foundations

For More Information Contact: Sasha Timkovich (

For general information on Cope and Climbing, please see

For questions, please reach out to Rob Seate ( or to

Sasha Timkovich ( with questions.


Wilderness First Aid

Wilderness First Aid courses at Camp Grimes are planned for the last weekend of March and for the last weekend in September on an on-going basis.  Please check often at

for information on course dates and registration.


Online Training

Earning the Trained patch for your left sleeve requires being “Trained to Position”, often including online modules available at

If you have any questions, please contact Joanne White, Apache Training Chair @


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