MCC Shooting Sports


It is critical that all shooting sports activities be supervised by qualified adults. The Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) published on this site will provide the minimum requirements to operate each activity. If the planned activity is not covered by an existing SOP, please refer to the Shooting Sports Manual (available online) for the minimum requirements. Event planners and camp directors should have no trouble determining the training their staff will require. However, if there are questions, do not wait until the day or week of the event to seek answers.

Note: Not all MCC Standard Operating Procedures may be published on this site, so please check with the MCC Shooting Sports Committee to confirm which SOPs are in place.

If you are unable to locate people with the necessary training, the MCC Shooting Sports Committee maintains a listing of everyone with a certification or credential for every shooting sport. We won't publish the list here, but we may be able to help you with a list of people to contact. Please email for assistance.