Rechartering Updates

Our internet rechartering process is changing. We will be hosting a short online training session in December. Click the button below to register for one of the two training dates. Be sure to check out the guide for Internet Rechartering 2.0. 


Please note: Your recharter may only be submitted by one of the Key-3 (the chartered org rep, committee chair, or the unit leader), or a Key-3 delegate.

** Change to the approval process:
National will now send the signature email to the Key-3. Any one of them can sign it but there is a disclaimer on there:


“I (we) verify that the name above as approving this unit membership has consented to this approval. I (we) understand that the unit key adults will receive an e-mail notification of this approval.

I (WE) AGREE  By selecting this option, you will see the digital approval displayed on the submitted renewal roster. The unit key adults will receive an e-mail notification of this approval.

If you have not discussed approval with either the Executive Officer and/or the Chartered Organization Representative and received consent to proceed, do not select “I (WE) AGREE”.”


Please pay close attention to this last line. If you have not discussed approval with the COR do not check the box.**

Welcome to the 2022 Recharter Season!


The current version of the criminal background check authorization forms can be found below the “Forms” heading toward the bottom of this page.

Important Recharter Dates:


Hornet’s Nest District recharter dates – Access will be opened to Key 3 on 1/1/2022. Finalized recharter packets are due to the council office by 02/15/2022.


Apache and Etowah District recharter dates - Access will be opened to Key 3 on 2/1/2022. Finalized recharter packets are due to the council office by 03/15/2022.

Recharter Preparation (begin 40-60 days before charter due date):

  1. Choose a “Recharter Processor.” This person will be responsible for completing the unit’s recharter in the online charter renewal system and turning it in to the council office. If this is not a Key 3 you will need to mark them as a Key 3 delegate under functional roles in 

  2. Login to or Scoutbook. Navigate to the Internet Advancement system and choose recharter. This will load your current roster. If someone is not showing up on the roster they are not currently registered and will need an application (see links below for digital versions). In the roster you will see if any adult needs an updated YPT or CBC (background check disclosure form). Notify them so they can get this completed.

    • If you find a Scout missing from your roster that you know has been active all year please contact the Registrar, David Russell, at BEFORE COMPLETING YOUR RECHARTER so that we can get the issue resolved.

  3. Collect registration fees. Every person that will be rechartering with the unit will need to pay the registration fees (unless they are a multiple). Click here for detailed information about Registration Fees.

Online Charter Renewal (begin 30 days before charter due date):


Processing the Recharter:

Internet rechartering is broken down into 3 main steps.

Please pay special attention to step 3 as it contains vital information for completing your unit’s recharter.


. Update the Roster -

  • Click the Refresh Roster button every time you log back into the Internet Rechartering 2.0 system.

  • Add new adult members and new youth members – Use the applications you collected during recharter preparation to enter new member information into the system. Be sure to upload the applications, CBC forms, and YPT certificates for each new member.

  • Update member positions – If you change a position on this page you do not need to submit a position change application. This can be done with the pencil to the right of the members name. 

  • If you have leaders that serve in multiple units you can mark them as a multiple so you don't pay for them twice. One example is the Chartered Org Rep. One unit from each Chartered Org will need to pay this fee, the others will mark the COR as a multiple. 

  • Remove any members who are not returning. 

  • Make sure Scout Life subscription is turned on for any member who wishes to receive it.


 2. Check the roster— (aim to get to this step at least 15 days before your charter due date) Once you have made all changes, clicked the Refresh Roster button, and are ready to submit the recharter. Click the Validate Recharter and pay button at the bottom of the page. This will check that the data to be submitted conforms to BSA rules. Resolve any errors that occur. If you have any questions email David Russell. 


 3. Payment— Once you have corrected all the issues, click the proceed to payment button. Here you can choose how you will pay for recharter. if you choose credit card or e-check you will be charged an extra fee for processing. After selecting your payment option click the Pay and Post button. 

 Next Steps 

  • Approve roster - Once you click Pay and Post, your recharter will be locked. The chartered org rep will be notified and will have to give approval for the recharter to complete.

  • If you had to upload and documents the registrar will review these and finish the final step. We will notify you if there is any issues.

Need Help? Additional Resources:


Fee change information

Internet Rechartering Help Guide with Screenshots

Internet Rechartering Tutorial videos



Adult Membership Application
Youth Membership Application

Annual Charter Agreement

Please note this is a NEW version of the Annual Charter Agreement and the required signatures (3) are the Executive office, the Chartered Organization Representative, and the Committee Chair.


Additional Disclosures & Background Check Authorization

Background Check Disclosure

2021 JTE Scorecards


Council Contacts:

Apache District: Trey Eskridge                   704-342-9334

Etowah District: John Crapster                  704-342-9334

Hornet’s Nest District: Brian Sweeney       704-342-9347

Program Assistant: David Russell             704-342-9337