Rechartering Updates

Our internet rechartering process is changing: National will be hosting a webinar on September 28, 2021.  To the left is a link for you to register; please forward this information to your recharter processor.


Please note: Your recharter may only be submitted by one of the Key-3 (the chartered org rep, committee chair, or the unit leader), or a Key-3 delegate.

Welcome to the 2021 Recharter Season!


Last year all adults were required to turn in the 2019 version of the criminal background check authorization form. Some adults did not do this but were still allowed to renew their registration. This year, adults (18+) who have not turned in the 2019 version of the criminal background check form will not be allowed to re-register until they have done so. No exceptions can be made. The current version of the criminal background check authorization forms can be found below the “Forms” heading toward the bottom of this page.

Important Recharter Dates:


Hornet’s Nest District recharter dates – Access codes will be emailed to Key 3 on 12/28/2020. The online recharter system opens 01/01/2021. Finalized recharter packets are due to the council office by 02/15/2021.


Apache and Etowah District recharter dates - Access codes will be emailed to Key 3 on 01/25/2021. The online recharter system opens 02/01/2021. Finalized recharter packets are due to the council office by 03/15/2021.

Recommended Timeline for Recharter Processing

Days Before Charter Due Date               40-65                               30                                   15                                      14-0

Activity to be Performed

Review Recharter


Steps 1-5

Complete Logging

in & Rechartering


Steps 1-4

Complete Recharter

Processing Step 5

Bring finalized recharter packet and all supporting documents to council office with cash, check or money order, or receipt of online payment

Recharter Preparation (begin 40-65 days before charter due date):

  1. Choose a “Recharter Processor.” This person will be responsible for completing the unit’s recharter in the online charter renewal system and turning it in to the council office.

  2. Forward Access Code Email to Recharter Processor. Each unit’s access code will be emailed to the Unit Key 3 (COR, CC, and unit leader) the Monday prior to the opening of the online recharter system for your district. The access code is required to login to the online rechartering system so please be sure this access code gets to the designated recharter processor.

  3. Obtain a current roster. With the roster you can identify Scouts or volunteers that are not registered and will need to turn in an application with the recharter packet. A Unit Key 3 volunteer can obtain a roster from by logging in, clicking menu in the upper left, clicking member manager, selecting “all” to include both youth and adults and then clicking the blue arrow with one line underneath to download the complete roster to their computer.

    • Collect applications, YPT, and CBC forms (as applicable) from any Scout or volunteer that is active in your unit but does not appear on the unit’s official roster. You will use this information to enter them into the online rechartering system and will turn the application in with the final recharter paperwork.

    • Talk to adult volunteers who may be registered in more than one unit to determine which unit will pay their registration fee. Packs and troops should also coordinate who will recharter Scouts that are crossing over.

    • If you find a Scout missing from your roster that you know has been active all year please contact the Registrar, Michelle Roberts, at BEFORE COMPLETING YOUR RECHARTER so that we can get the issue resolved.

  4. Obtain a current leader training report. This will help you determine which adult leaders will need to renew their youth protection training before the recharter can be submitted. To obtain the YPT report a Key 3 unit leader can log in to their account, click menu in the upper left, click on the grey bar of the correct unit to expand the menu, click training manager, click the button labeled “Report” under the YPT pie chart to download a report that shows each person’s YPT expiration date. For any leader that must renew their YPT you should collect a paper copy of their new YPT certificate and turn it in with the finalized recharter packet.

  5. Collect registration fees. Every person that will be rechartering with the unit will need to pay the registration fees (unless they are a multiple). Click here for detailed information about Registration Fees.

Online Charter Renewal (begin 30 days before charter due date):


Logging in for the first time this year:

  1. The recharter processor should log into their account, click menu in the upper left, click BSA Web Links, click Internet Rechartering.

  2. Select REGISTER (First-Time User) and enter the unit access code provided by email to Unit Key 3 leaders.

  3. Select the unit type and enter the unit number. Always use four digits. Example: 0001

  4. Create a password as instructed.


Processing the Recharter:

Internet rechartering is broken down into 5 main steps, each with its own subset of steps to fine-tune your unit’s roster. Please pay special attention to step 5e as it contains vital information for completing your unit’s recharter.

  1. Load Roster

  • Load council information—Use the council's unit roster information. *


Upload recharter file—Upload the file created in third-party, unit-management software (UMS) to create the initial work-in-progress roster. *NOT RECOMMENDED*


  2. Update the Roster

  • Update charter information.

  • Select members for renewal - Click the Update Unit Roster button every time you log back into the internet rechartering system.

  • Promote members – Use this feature to pull registered youth and adults in from other units of the same Chartered Organization. If they are registered in a fee-paying position you will not be required to turn in an application for them. There are two important exceptions to this rule:

    • “Fee-paying” positions always Lion Partners and Tiger Adults. LP and APs are not fully registered (i.e. have not been required to take YPT and go through a background check.) If you are unsure, it is always better to turn in an application for the person than to hold up the whole charter for a missing application.

    • For troops and crews: You can promote a youth to an adult position if they are of age for the unit type, however; they will still be required to turn in an adult application, YPT and CBC form since they have never been registered as an adult before.

  • Add new adult members and new youth members – Use the applications you collected during recharter preparation to enter new member information into the system. Be sure to turn in the applications, CBC forms, and YPT certificates along with your final charter renewal application that you will print in step 5e.

  • Update member data – Scroll through the roster and make sure all personal information is correct.

  • Update member positions – If you change a position on this page you do not need to submit a position change application.


 3. Check the roster—Validate that the data to be submitted conforms to BSA rules. Resolve any errors that occur.


 4. Summary

a. Update fees (e.g., assign “Multiple” status).

b. Sign up unit members for Boys' Life.

 5. Submit roster (aim to get to this step at least 15 days before your charter due date)

  • Approve roster - Can either be approved via email to the Unit Key 3 OR by obtaining proper signatures on the paper copy of the finalized and printed Charter Renewal report (step 5e).

  • Select Payment method.

    • Pay by credit card with 3% Administrative Fee added to charter total.

    • Pay direct to council by brining cash, check, or money order to the council office. (No Fee).

    • Pay by E-Check (No fee)

  • Submit roster - Sends your updated roster information to council to await processing. PLEASE NOTE: This is the final step but you are almost there!

  • User survey - Please take a moment to leave feedback about the recharter process.

  • Print Charter Renewal Application. This is what you will turn in to council for final processing. We cannot finish processing your charter without this. You will also have the option to print the EZ Summary for your unit’s records. The council will not accept draft copies or the EZ Summary report in lieu of the Charter Renewal Application.

    • Page one will be blank if your unit has not added any new members. If names are printed on the first page you will need to turn in an application for each person along with the charter renewal application.

    • If you chose to approve the charter online the approval will print on page two. If you chose to approve in person, blank signature lines will print on page two and the charter cannot be processed without the appropriate signatures.

    • If you chose to pay online a payment confirmation will print on page two. If you chose to pay at the council office note that the charter total (including all applicable fees) is printed on the right-hand side of page two.

FINAL STEP: Turning in Your Completed Recharter Packet

(on or before the charter due date)


Use the Internet Rechartering Checklist to make sure you have collected everything you need and then drop-off or mail all items to the Mecklenburg County Council Service Center at 1410 E. 7th St, Charlotte, NC 28204. If you choose to drop everything off in-person, please be prepared to spend a few minutes with us while we go through the material and check for any missing items. We will also tender your payment and provide you with a receipt of the transaction (unless the charter fees were paid online.)


The charter renewal is not considered complete until it has been submitted online AND all items on the provided checklist have been submitted to the Council Office.

Need Help? Additional Resources:


Fee change information

Internet Rechartering Help Guide with Screenshots

Internet Rechartering Tutorial

Internet Rechartering Tips for Success



Adult Membership Application:

Youth Membership Application:

Annual Charter Agreement

Please note this is a NEW version of the Annual Charter Agreement and the required signatures (3) are the Executive office, the Chartered Organization Representative, and the Committee Chair.


Additional Disclosures & Background Check Authorization

Background Check Disclosure

2020 JTE Scorecards


Council Contacts:

Apache District: Trey Eskridge                   704-342-9334

Etowah District: John Crapster                  704-342-9334

Hornet’s Nest District: Brian Sweeney       704-342-9347

Program Assistant: David Russell             704-342-9337