Nuts for Scouting Sale

Mecklenburg County Council is excited to offer more options in fundraising to include popcorn, nuts and peanut candies! A combined sale of Trail’s End Popcorn and Whitley’s Peanuts will be available to all units beginning November 1, 2017.              


Units can choose to sell popcorn, peanuts or both!


On November 1, we are rolling out this attractive product mix and it’s a GREAT way to raise money for your unit and give customers more options in supporting you! Selling these products will not only help fund your unit’s exciting program, but will also support the many programs here in the Mecklenburg County Council.

Our goal is to help units with a sale that is easy, fun, efficient and as successful as possible. 


If you would like to incorporate nuts and peanut candies alongside of your popcorn sale now just let us know and we will get you the product. The commission structure is the same (33%).


If you are a unit that does not sell popcorn currently and would like to try Whitley’s Nuts please come to an interest meeting.


     Wednesday, November 1, 6:00-7:00 pm

     Mecklenburg County Service Center (Scout office)                                          

     1410 E. 7th Street, Charlotte, NC 28204


The peanut sale will work just like the popcorn sale; your unit can simply take orders for product from a take-order brochure AND/OR pick up inventory so that Scouts can show and deliver popcorn, nuts and peanut candy right on the spot!  


For over 30 years, Whitley’s Peanut Factory has been producing the finest quality gourmet Virginia peanuts on the market. Their delicious “Home-Cooked” peanuts are still hand cooked and slowly roasted to perfection the old-fashioned way right in Hayes, Virginia (just across the York River near Gloucester).


You can now sign-up for the peanut sale by contacting Terrie Bailey at   By signing up now, we can reserve the materials you need for the sale and make sure you receive important updates.

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