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Merit Badge Counselor

Registration Renewal 2022


All registered merit badge counselors in Mecklenburg County Council


To renew your merit badge counselor registration for the year 2022, you will fill out an online survey that will allow you to update your contact information, choose which merit badges you want to teach in 2022, and renew your commitment to being a merit badge counselor.


National BSA requires us to re-register all merit badge counselors on an annual basis. We believe that this online survey is the most convenient and efficient way to complete this process.


  1. Every registered merit badge counselor will receive an email from the Registrar, David Russell, in mid-October. This email will include the link to the MBC Registration Renewal Survey, your member ID number, youth protection training date on-file, and the merit badges you are currently registered to teach.

  2. Please note: You are limited to 16 Merit Badges. If you have more than that, please submit a drop form.

  3. You can access the MBC Registration Renewal Survey through the link in the email any time between November 1st, 2021, and December 15th, 2021.

  4. There may be circumstances that require follow-up communications from the Council Advancement Committee, so please try to complete your registration as early as possible. Once all requested merit badges are approved, your registration will be renewed through December 31st, 2022.



Please contact the Registrar at

Merit Badge Counselor Information


Annual Merit Badge Counselor Registration Renewal


Your MBC registration expires 12/31 every year. Don’t forget to renew it!

It’s as easy as…

  1. Check your email. In November you will receive an email with a survey link, your member ID number, and which merit badges you are currently registered to teach.

  2. Fill out and submit your survey between November 1st and December 1st.  By completing the short survey you will be able to update your contact info, availability, add/remove merit badges, and renew your MBC commitment.

  3. Reply to follow-up. You may receive follow-up communications from the merit badge approval committee.  Be sure to respond promptly so that your registration does not get held up.


Please contact with any questions.

Scout book Users

Easily find a merit badge counselor in your area using Scout Book.  Here’s how:

  • A Troop unit leader should log in at

  • Click My Dashboard

  • Select a unit in which you are a registered leader

  • Scroll to the bottom of the roster page and click the link that says “Merit Badge Counselor List.”

The Scout Book MBC list will be updated monthly and merit badge counselors will receive an email from Scout Book any time their registration changes.  The counselors on this list have a current MBC registration AND have

valid youth protection training.

    Merit Badge Counselor Information -

          NEW! (09-27-2021)

Scouts BSA updated Merit Badge Requirements for several merit badges for 2021.  The full list of 137 merit badges and their current requirements are available by clicking the button to the left.