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The Hornets Nest District serves the northeast portion of the Mecklenburg County Council.  Please use the District Page Links to find more detailed information regarding programs and events

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Hornets Nest District Awards

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The Hornets Nest District Awards nomination forms are now open. Please make sure to submit your nominations ASAP. Nominations will be open until Friday December 17th, 2021.


Recipients will be recognized next Spring with a tentative date set for March 12, 2022 for our Annual District Banquet.

Consideration should be given to the nominee's position and the corresponding opportunity to render outstanding' service beyond the expectation of duty. The nominee's attitude toward and cooperation with the district and council is to be taken into consideration. The nomination is confidential. To avoid possible disappointment, please do not advise the nominee in any way of your action on his or her behalf.

Please Follow These Instructions in Making a Nomination:

1. The person being nominated must not be told that they are being considered.
2. Complete every section of the nomination form as best as you can. You can discretely reach out to other leaders & spouses to get additional information.
3. All factual information must be written on the form. Reference letters or endorsements can be sent to <HornetsNestWebmaster@gmail.com>, but be sure to transfer the factual information given in the letter to this form or it may be overlooked.
4. Give as many dates and details as possible. Please be concise with all relevant information but relate all special notes.


District Awards:

Chartered Organization of the Year
Given to the Chartered Organization, new or veteran, who has demonstrated the mission of the Boy Scouts America and offered a quality program to their youth.

Cub Scout, Scouts BSA, and Venturing Leader of the Year
Any registered Scouter who has demonstrated outstanding service to scouting and the Unit. Please describe in detail why you think this person should be considered for this award.

District Award of Merit
Must be a registered Scouter within the Hornets Nest District with at least 3 years of service to the District. This award is available to volunteers who render outstanding service at the District level.




Golden Nest Award (Unit Level):

This award will have special consideration ‐ Each unit recognizes the service of one special volunteer or the "newcomer or ambitious one who has set your unit on fire with new and fresh ideas that have contributed to providing a quality youth program". Each unit determines the award criteria and selects their Golden Nest Award recipient.


Bob Coughlin

Hornets Nest Advancement Chair


Klondike - February 25-27, 2022
2022 Klondike Patch.png

Please see the Klondike Page for event flyer and more information.

Registration is open! 


Update to District Eagle Project Review Process

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Please see the District Advancement Page for updates to the Eagle Project review process.

Journey to Eagle

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The latest list of Eagle scouts have been posted. Over 1000 Eagle scouts in our district since late 2005.

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