Etowah District Roundtables

What are Roundtables?

Roundtable is exactly what it implies - it really is an opportunity for scouters, as a group, to have an opportunity for an exchange of ideas.  Boy Scout and Cub Scout leaders and interested parties meet together to discuss relevant issues in our troops and packs.

Who Should Attend?

All Scout leaders, committee members and parents are welcome to attend.  Some packs, troops, and crews have a schedule for their leaders to attend so that their unit is represented at each meeting.  It doesn't need to be the same representative every time.  All are welcome.

What's In It For Me?

Simply put, it's an opportunity to make your job easier.  Roundtable participants frequently state that they come to Roundtable to get ideas.  The format is specifically structured to allow leaders to talk to other leaders in a friendly setting. Roundtable offers regular training opportunity's to help keep our unit qualified and current.  But the biggest reason to come to Roundtable is because you have fun.  How else can you try out a new game or song if you haven't tested it yet?

Are you interested in joining the Roundtable Team?

For more information, email Roundtable Commissioner -

Lori Bagley - at


Morning Star Lutheran Church

12509 Idlewild Road

Matthews, NC