Eagle Service Project Review Information



UPDATE 04/28/2022 - We are still conducting Eagle Project Proposal Reviews virtually - via email.  If you wish to have your Project reviewed, send your project in the full PDF format that is already is in - with any photos or drawings associated with it, approval signatures of your Scoutmaster, Committee Chair and Beneficiary - to the advancement email - Etowah.Advancement@gmail.com - and I will have your project reviewed and any correspondence regarding the project will be conducted by email. 


Please make sure you are using the most current Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook available -


(As of 002/05/2021 -

Eagle Scout Service Workbook No. 2021c January 2021

is the most current workbook.)

This will ensure that you will have all of the requirements for your Project Proposal from beginning to end.  This is a PDF form that you can save it to your computer and you can fill it in (type in the boxes, they will expand if you need more space) so that your Workbook will be readable to your Troop Leaders reading through it and the District Reviewer and easy to edit if the need arises.

Adhereing to the Youth Protection Guidelines - Please make sure to include at least one of the following adults on your emails - your Scoutmaster, your parents, or Eagle Project Coach (if you have one.)

Please make sure to add your Troop Number to the email as well.

Any questions regarding our District's processes of the Eagle Project Reviews can also be sent to the Advancement email address above.

If your project is going to be done on

Charlotte/Mecklenburg School (CMS) Property

Please be advised that "permission or approval" from the principal of the school is not the only "beneficiary approval" needed for your project. You must go through CMS Property Management for final beneficiary approval, AFTER approval by the Eagle Project Review Committee.


The approval process for CMS can take several weeks or possibly months - so please make sure you have enough time - BEFORE you turn 18 - to have the CMS beneficiary approval of your project and along with the Etowah Eagle Service Project Review Committee approval.

Please review the CMS forms on the Eagle Scout page.