Life Saving Merit Badge

The Lifesaving Merit Badge Highlights 2024 at Belk Scout Camp lists the following requirements for Scouts, ages 11 to 17:
• they must pass the BSA Swim Test;
• they must get signatures from the Merit Badge Counselor and turn the card into their Scoutmaster for registration and awarding;
• Scouts are not permitted to use cell phones on the pool deck or in the changing area;
• before class, they must read the BSA merit badge book or pamphlet;
• Review with your counselor the fundamentals of Safe Swim Defense.
• Before obtaining the Lifesaving Merit Badge, obtain the Swimming Merit Badge.
• At least one aid should be successfully placed within a practice victim's reach when they are 25 feet offshore.
• With your counselor’s approval, view in-person or on video a rowing rescue performed using a rowboat, canoe, kayak, or stand-up paddleboard.
• Talk about the effectiveness and efficiency of the rescue operation with your counselor.