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Thinking about becoming a commissioner? You should find the answer to most of you questions here. Commissioner Service is one of the most important, yet least understood parts of the Scouting Program. A Commissioner's approach is one of helpfulness, ready to assist the leaders, offering suggestions, encouraging the unit committee, and leaders, thereby strengthening the leadership's program efforts. In effect each Commissioner enters into a partnership with the unit’s leadership - all working for the single objective - the welfare of the Troop, Pack or Crew.

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District Commissioner's Message

From the Apache District Commissioner’s Desk


May, 2016


It is an honor and a privilege to serve as your new Apache District Commissioner.  I want to thank outgoing District Commissioner Don Herzhauser for his dedication and leadership over the past four plus years in working to position the Apache District as a model district in this Council and beyond.  Help me wish him well in his new role as Apache District Vice Chairman.

First of all, thank you for your continued service and commitment to the youth of our District.  It is with your help that the Apache District was able to achieve the Gold Level in the Journey to Excellence program for 2015.  I'm looking forward to continuing our journey of growing membership in this district, retaining scouts and ensuring that units deliver the quality program that has enhanced the lives of youth for over 100 years. 

As we transition into the summer months please help me make certain our units have quality summer activities planned and are thinking ahead with active unit planning and recruiting for the fall.  We all know the importance of laying this groundwork for success.

For us Commissioners, I want to focus the upcoming months on three important areas of emphasis.  I call them the three R's of Commissioner Service.  Recruitment, Recognition and Roundtable. 


I appreciate all the work you do as Commissioners and I recognize the fact that many of our Commissioners wear more than one hat or serve a large number of units. To help prevent Commissioner burnout and bring the Commissioner to units serve ratio down to a more manageable number, I want to focus on recruiting more commissioner and want to enlist your help.  As you visit your units, be on the lookout for Scouters that you would identify as potential Commissioner candidates. These may be parents of cubs that have recently crossed over or parents of boys that have recently eagled out; or there may be units that have a high number of adult volunteers and some of these folks may want to stay active in Scouting with a slightly different leadership experience. (That's how I got involved with the Commissioner Corps.) 

Another valuable pool for recruiting Commissioners is the Millennial generation of Eagle Scouts.  These are young adult leaders who have Eagled out and are looking for another way to stay active in Scouting (Being an Eagle Scout is not a requirement for becoming a Commissioner but this is a potentially untapped resource for recruiting Commissioner.)  If you know of someone is this age group that you think would be a good candidate for becoming a Commissioner, reach out to them and me and let's set up a time to discuss in detail.  (We already have a couple of these folks on our team.)


As we learned at the College of Commissioner Science last month, the National Commissioner's Staff has proposed some improvements for Commissioner Recognition.  It is my hope that this will be adopted and we can capitalize on this to increase the recognition of the hard work that our Commissioners put in their volunteer job.  I feel if emphasis is placed on Commissioner recognition this will help retain our existing Commissioners as well as serve as a recruitment tool for bringing new Commissioners on board.  Remember, recognition is not just for our youth.


For many of us, we have major time constraints and I want the monthly Roundtables to be a valuable resource for our Scouters.  Our Roundtable Commissioner and staff will be focusing on improving the Roundtable experience for our Scouters and improving Roundtable attendance by focusing in on the Roundtable program.  We want a program that is beneficial to all and Roundtable to be a place where Scouters can learn from each other and share both what is working in their units as well as get help in areas where they would like improvement.  We will be working with our Assistant Council Commissioner for Roundtables as well as other experienced Scouters to drive the monthly Roundtable meetings to become not only time well spent but also an even more important part of the Scouting program.

Finally, I want to hear from you.  How can we enhance your Commissioner experience?  What do you want to receive from being a Commissioner?  What does success look like to you?  How can we help you become a "best friend" to the units you serve?  Please reach out to me with your ideas, comments and concerns.

Please join me at the next Roundtable and let's create a vision of success for our units.  Bring a friend.  There is always room for new Commissioners.

Bob Howell
Apache District Commissioner
Mecklenburg County Council BSA
704 779 3861

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