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2023 Sessions

Session 1
Thursday, July 13th - Sunday, July 16th

Session 2
Sunday, July 16th - Wednesday, July 19th

Session 3
Thursday, July 20th - Sunday, July 23rd

Webelos Adventure Camp 2023 - Preparing for Summer

If you have not yet selected the schedule for your scouts at WAC this summer please do so as soon as you can. Don’t wait until the last minute to make this important decision.

As camp approaches, you can do a few things to prepare yourself and your scouts.

If you are not up to date on your training, please complete these online at my.scouting.org:

·   Youth Protection        ·  Weather Hazards

·   Safety Afloat              ·  Safe Swim Defense

Sign up to complete a swim test before arriving at camp for check in day. There are two dates available at Belk Scout camp:

·        June 10th ·        June 17th

·        https://bit.ly/3MRu2DN

Begin collecting the BSA Health Forms from all your scouts and adults. Please review the forms for completeness of all parts including dates and signatures as well as a front and back copy of the insurance card. You may turn in the forms to the scout shop in Uptown before June 30th.

Completing the above items will make check in run much more smoothly when you join us this summer to escape the great indoors.

For more information contact the WAC Camp Director, ?Sasha Timkovich WACDirector@GMail.com

Mecklenburg County Council provides an accredited, organized, overnight theme-related outdoor camping program for Webelos Scouts, Scout leaders and parents. For questions and registration information, please contact the WAC Camp Director.


File Name Description
Activities & Advancement Record A list of all program activities and associated advancement requirements. The list changes from year to year as new stations are rotated in to meet the needs of our scouts. Download
Belk Camp Map A map of Belk Scout Camp. You may refer to this along with the activities list to determine the location of program stations and plan your program schedule. Download
General Info Did you miss the Unit Leader Kickoff Meeting? Would you like to look over the slides again? Here's the presentation from the evening. Download
Pack Leaders Guide Check out the Pack Leader Guide for all the info you need to bring your Webelos and AoL scouts to Webelos Adventure Camp this year. Download
Program Schedule Overview A daily overview of each program period offered including station head counts and locations. Download
Remind Links Webelos Adventure Camp uses the Remind 101 app to send out updates to all session participants to communicate important information before and during each session. Download