Day Camp & WAC - Staff Training


Trained staff members exhibit a knowledge and confidence that is picked up by people around them. Trained staff impact the quality of programs, camper return rates, staff tenure, safety, and a whole lot more. A trained staff member is better prepared to make WAC all it can be!

All staff members are required to complete certain courses. Depending on your staff position you may be required to complete additional training. A lot of the training may be completed online at your convenience but there is nothing like in person discussions and so some courses must be done in front of a real live person.

Please look through the list below to guide you on your training journey.

Once a training course has been completed, print a copy of your training certificate and bring it with you when you come to camp. You may also email the certificate to the Camp Director at:

If your training is still current (as of the last day that you will serve on camp staff) you may email a copy of your current training certificate to the Camp Director.


Online Training

The following courses may be completed online. Most can be found on unless otherwise specified. You will need to log in to your existing account or create a new account to complete the training.

  • Youth Protection *

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion *

  • Program Safety * - To complete the following courses, browse to Supplemental Training -> Program Safety.

    • Hazardous Weather

    • Safe Swim Defense

    • Safety Afloat

    • Drive Safely

    • Climb On Safely

  • Workplace Harassment Prevention * - Online training can be completed at the SkillSoft website.

  • ServSafe Food Handler - Required for all kitchen staff. Training may be taken online at the ServSafe website.

* Required for all staff members.


In-Person Training

The following courses must be completed in-person. Please check the calendar of Important Dates for this year's scheduled training events.

  • WAC Shakedown and Training weekend - These training courses are required for all staff.

    • Understanding and Preventing Youth-on-Youth Abuse Training for Camp Staff

    • Camper Security

    • Safety and Emergency Procedures

  • CPR - Required for many staff members including all lifeguards. Some staff members will be required to take CPR and will be asked to complete an online training module before participating in the in-person training. This will be offered during the Shakedown weekend.

  • Program Specific Training - Please let the Camp Director know if you are interested in one of the following positions or training courses.

    • Lifeguard Training - Three day course. Requires CPro. (15+ only) 

    • Tower Staff Training - If you are interested in working at the climbing tower a one day training course will be offered to show you the ropes.

    • COPE & Climbing Instructor - Visit the council's COPE & Climbing website for details. (16+ only)

    • BMX Instructor - Supervise the BMX track at Belk. (18+ only)

    • Shooting Sports - Open a BB or Archery range during camp this year. (18+ only)

      • Air Rifles - To supervise the air rifles at Belk you must be an NRA Rifle Instructor. Courses are available in our area. Contact the Camp Director or Program Director if you are interested.

  • Golf Cart Training - If you are authorized to drive a golf cart at camp this season you will be required to complete this in-person training. (21+ only)