I do appreciate your patience as we work through the technical issues of the new renewal system. 

Recharter 2024

What to do now to prepare:

  1. If your unit will continue to collect fees and renew together, you can log into and under the unit settings and click the box for ‘unit will pay for renewal applications’. I should have more information on this at the training. (This will not stop the auto emails from National)
  2. Make sure all of your parents have a my.scouting account and is linked to their child. The parent can check this by going to the ‘menu’ button in the top left and selecting ‘my application’. If a parent doesn’t see their child, send me an email.
  3. Make sure that parent email addresses are correct in their my.scouting account.

File Name Description
2023 Crew JTE Form Download
2023 Pack JTE Form Download
2023 Pack JTE Guidebook Download
2023 Ship JTE Form Download
2023 Troop JTE Form Download
2023 Troop JTE Guidebook Download
Adult Application Download
Annual Charter Agreement Form Download
Annual Membership Fees starting 5-1-2024 Download
Annual Membership Fees starting 8-1-2024 Download
Family Pay for Membership Renewal Guide Download
New Unit Application Download
Renewal FAQ Download
Unit Pay for Membership Renewals Guide Download
Unit Recharter Guide Download
Youth Application Download


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This video tutorial will walk you through your unit's recharter.


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Watch this unit pay membership video for a quick guide on membership renewal.


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This video explains how to pay for your family membership online vs. paying National annual fees to your unit.