Unit Pinewood Derby Hub

Welcome to the Mecklenburg County Council's Pinewood Derby Hub page! Whether it's your first year or you're basically the captain of the pit crew, we've pulled together everything you need to have the BEST Pinewood Derby season! From new gear to helpful articles, you can find it all right here!

Step 1 in preparing for Pinewood Derby season is designing your car! Whether you are going for ultra-fast or flashiest, make your dreams come to life. Get the perfect look and feel with the best paints, sound and light kits, peel-n-stick decals, and bright wheel colors. Shop for all your Pinewood Derby needs in the Scout Shop or at our Square page.


The official BSA Pinewood Derby car kit has been the choice of Cub Scout champions for more than 40 years.

Our kit contains one car body with wheels and axles, and one set of small, black number decals. All other paints, decals and cutting tools are sold separately.


Up your game this year and try a new design or technique that shaves off time. Or… make your car stand out from the crowd by adding lights and sounds! Our experts have shared their advice on everything from how to throw a successful Pinewood Derby race, to easy-to-implement car tricks and hacks, along with how to install weights, lights and sound kits.

Everyone knows that Pinewood Derby time is all about the FUN! Take a break from building your car and enjoy some creative videos and games. Who knows, you might find some inspiration for your own derby car here (and beat some high scores).