Eagle Project Workbook and Common Mistakes Make on the Eagle Application

Eagle Project Workbook Advancement Training!

On Saturday, October 28th from 8:30 am - noon at the Council Service Center, the Council Advancement Committee will be providing a course on the Eagle Scout Project Workbook and Common Mistakes made on the Eagle Application for the first 50 people that register. There will also be a Zoom option. All ages; Life Scouts given preference. Registration on the Council Website forthcoming.

Learn about the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook and the process relating to it. The responsibility of the Scout and the role of supporting adults will be explained. The aim of this part of the course is to provide all the necessary information required so that the Eagle Scout candidate may successfully complete his project. The Eagle Scout Project Workbook will be fully explained.

Specific requirements related to projects conducted on CMS properties will be included.

30 minutes will cover the Common Mistakes made on the Eagle Application. Learn the "nuts and bolts" regarding the steps that occur after a Scout thinks he has completed all requirements for Scout to Eagle Scout ranks. Topics will include Scoutmaster Review, Eagle Rank Application, Letters of Reference, Blue Cards, Statement of Ambition etc.

The target audience is all Life Scouts and Scouters who support Scouts’ advancement. This includes Eagle Project Coaches, Troop Committee members, troop leaders and District Eagle Review Representatives. If you, as a Scouter, are involved with Scout Eagle Advancement, you are urged to attend.