Eagle Project Opportunities

Niner University Elementary (NUE) School, located at 2414 Lester Street, needs Eagle projects to develop an outdoor classroom and eating area. The students will appreciate projects to construct and install benches, tables, and picnic tables. A possibly unique feature of these projects will be constructing the furniture in smaller-than-normal sizes appropriate for the young children who attend NUE. For more information, please contact the NUE principal Pamela Broome.


Are you looking for an Eagle Project Opportunity for a Scout? Rea Farms STEAM Academy is a new CMS K-8 school that opened last year in South Charlotte. As a new school, it doesn't have a lot of stuff that kids would like and appreciate (and frankly need for mental health) like good older recess equipment (Swings, Gaga ball pit, or other outdoor equipment). The school is new and does not have a heritage of Scouts, Eagle projects are needed. If interested, please contact Dayna Perkowski-Galdun.