COPE & Climbing - Staff

MCC COPE & Climbing Committee and Instructors

The MCC COPE & Climbing committee is comprised of 9 trained instructors plus our council professional advisor. A director or level II instructor must be present at all COPE or climbing activities in the council and they are the only people qualified to open the tower or COPE course at either camp. Please refer to the linked file below for details on instructor qualifications. If you have any questions about the program please feel free to reach out to any committee member.

The COPE & Climbing program requires a large staff of instructors to make our events successful. The committee members cannot do this alone. In addition to supporting the program, the large number of trained instructors are knowledgeable about the program, can help you plan an event and our climbing instructors are qualified to teach climbing merit badge.


MCC COPE & Climbing Council Policies

The MCC COPE & Climbing program follows all applicable standards as detailed by NCAP and Belay On. However in some instances it is necessary to clarify how our council program operates due to the specific nature of our facilities or other requirements.


Standard Operating Procedures

SOP and LOP documents to support various elements and activities in our council program.


Log Sheets and Forms

Blank copies of the log sheets and inspection forms that are used to support the program.


Promotional Flyers

Flyers and info sheets used to promote the COPE & Climbing program.