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2017 Jamboree

2017 Jamboree -  Experience the best of Scouting in one place. From stadium shows to merit badges, patch trading to adventure sports, you’ll want to be at the Summit Bechtel Reserve in 2017.  Our council has been awarded 4 Troops and 2 Venturing Patrols for the 2017 National Scout Jamboree to be held at the Summit Bechtel Scout Reserve in West Virginia July 19-28, 2017.

Consistent with the policy established by the Mecklenburg County Council for prior National Scout Jamboree participants as well as National Jamboree guidelines, those participants who desire to withdraw from their participation in a Jamboree Troop and receive a refund of the fees must follow the following procedure:

  • Notify the Troop Scoutmaster and Jamboree Registrar (Tanya Hartje)

  • Return any items provided by the Council, if any (i.e. Jamboree Patches, duffel bag, numerals, etc.)

The refund for fees paid will be made once a replacement Scout has completed registration and is current on fees.