Scouting For Food

Scouting For Food” is Mecklenburg County Council's community stewardship project aimed at addressing the problem of hunger in the community in which we live and work.

Catawba Lodge Order of the Arrow has also adpopted "Scouting For Food" as their major service project.

Scouting For Food is a project rooted in the very foundation of the Scouting movement. Through initiative and hard work, the Boy Scouts have developed a framework to help LOAVES & FISHES food pantries feed needy local residents with emergency aid.

Loaves and Fishes is a Charlotte-based food pantry that collects and supplies food and groceries to people in crisis. It's a non-profit organization working with volunteers and donations to end hunger in our community.

Important Dates

Mecklenburg County Council – Boy Scouts of America
Scouting for Food 2016
Important Dates

1.           October, November, and December 2015 Roundtables - choose and “mark” the collection area(s) for your unit. - (District SFF coordinators will have your District maps).

2.            Before January 2016 Roundtable - Estimate the number of bags your unit will need for your collection area.  (Plus the number of bags needed if your unit is participating in church/congregational food collections).

3.          January Roundtable - Pick up the SFF bags your unit will need.   All units should be prepared to pick up (and transport) their SFF bags (both for neighborhood delivery and enough for church distribution).  The bags come in bundles of 300. (Additional bags will be available at the Loaves & Fishes warehouse).

4.          Early January- AnnouncementsAsk your charter organization (churches) to place announcements in their January newsletters and/or bulletins.  Ask your clergy to include Scouting for Food in their pulpit announcements.

5.            Week of January 31 - Neighborhood bag distribution - Please distribute bags to your assigned neighborhoods (five to seven days before the Scouting for Food Pick up day).

6.          Saturday February 6 – Scouting for Food 2016All units collect food from your assigned neighborhoods and deliver to one of the Scouting for Food (SFF) collection sites for weighing and sorting. 

7.          If your unit is participating in church collections,(in addition to your unit(s) neighborhood collections), here are other important dates:

Sunday, January 31 - Distribute bags to members of your congregation. 

February 7 (Scout Sunday) - Gather the “congregational food donations”,           and take to a designated SFF Sunday collection site.


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