Cash In, Trash Out




Mecklenburg County Council
Cache In, Trash Out
at McDowell Nature Preserve
Geocaching ID:  GC3PEVM

What: Seek out some Geocaches and pick up trash while doing so at McDowell Nature Preserve

When: Saturday, August 11, Kickoff at 9:00 a.m.

Where: McDowell Nature Preserve – Waterfront Shelter
15222 York Road, Charlotte, NC  28278 or
N 35° 06’ 12.46” W 081° 01’ 43.16”

What to bring: GPS Unit (if you have one), work gloves, trash bag, water bottle, snacks, trade items for caches, picnic lunch, pen or pencil

 What is geocaching?
  Geocaching is a sport where players use GPS units or other navigation devices to find hidden treasure containers, called caches or geocaches. 
  We’ll learn more about Geocaching, help clean up the Nature Preserve and have a lot of fun!

Questions?  Contact Christopher Kubala at
or 704 996 2043.