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Commissioner's Corner
September 2014


“Recruitment” is the Word

Our Commissioner focus this month should be on executing the completion of our Fall Cub Roundup and our Scout recruiting programs. As I mentioned last month, please be sure your unit has an energized and committed Membership Chair and he or she is linked into the District Membership team. There are lots of new changes this year.  Reminders:

  • August 28 – Round up Night.  I know this has passed but please help your units follow up on incomplete signups and also to get their paperwork into the Scout Office
  • September 8 – School Nights Begin

Recruitment is the “main thing” we need to do right to grow a successful program

COMING SOON! “Scouter Success” Training Program at
CPCC Levine South Campus

The date for our next “Scouter Success” training program has been set for Saturday, September 27th at the CPCC Levine South Campus. 

  • New Commissioners:  Commissioner Basic will be offered at this session so if you have not taken this critical training, please sign up now.
  • Seasoned Commissioners: Although we understand that Commissioners are among the best trained resources in Scouting, you just might find a course to complement your many skills!
  • All Commissioners: This is an exceptional training opportunity so please encourage all your unit leadership team to get trained in their respective areas of responsibility.  Well trained units are successful units.  (See more on this below)


More on the Commissioner’s Toolbox—Coming Soon to a Council Near You!                 

One of the unanimous decisions of the 16 volunteers and professionals who make up the focus group that developed the requirements for the Commissioner Tools is that the Commissioner Tools will not be launched on some predefined date if they are not ready.  To date, it looks like they are going down to the wire.

Training to use the Commissioner Tools will be consistent with most state-of-the-art software programs, which means there will not be a phonebook-thick user’s manual that cannot be kept current. Instead, the tools are being designed to be intuitive and will have an online help manual and pop-up helps that can be accessed by right-clicking. Additionally, there will be a training video available at the National Annual Meeting, and in-person sessions at commissioner colleges, conferences, and area meetings will continue.

SNEAK PREVIEW: One of the most fundamental changes is that where we logged “visits” in UVTS, we will log “contacts” in the Commissioner Tools. This change allows us to recognize and log unit service that doesn’t always happen face to face. With the release of the Commissioner Tools, we will also provide a glossary of terms, which includes the following definition for “contact”:  A “meaningful” interaction between a commissioner and one or more members of a unit. Meaningful contacts can be “virtual,” such as a phone call or an email. Not all face-to-face contacts are meaningful and should be logged, such as the following: 

  • Commissioner meets committee chair at shopping mall and discusses family matters. This is not a “meaningful” contact
  • Commissioner meets committee chair at shopping mall. After discussing family matters, they have a 20-minute discussion about how to conduct a troop annual program planning conference. The second part of this interaction IS a “meaningful” contact

  • The commissioner and committee chair have an email exchange that goes on for days about how to organize the pack’s blue and gold banquet. This is a “meaningful” contact

After considerable deliberation, the focus group and the National Commissioner Support Staff decided that in addition to Commissioners, field-serving professionals should have the ability to log contacts and use the Commissioner Tools. This was a logical conclusion because both share the wreath of service and work together as a team to serve Scouting through unit service. This will also help in situations where professionals assist volunteers in logging their unit contacts. (There is an ability to print a paper copy of a Commissioner Assessment Form for use without a computer.) Because adding the capability for professionals to make entries was not deemed critical and is a form of “scope growth” that could jeopardize the initial release of the Commissioner Tools, this functionality will be added post-Release 1. From a JTE perspective, it is important to remember that JTE item 14 for districts and councils measures commissioner unit visitations. Thus, when the change is made to allow professionals to log contacts, the Commissioner Tools dashboard will both display and differentiate between commissioner and professional contacts.

For additional information, including a presentation with screen shots of the new Commissioner Tools, go to the Commissioners website.


New Commissioner’s Attire Available

The National Supply Group is offering a couple of new items for the commissioner staff.  We’re excited to share some exclusive looks designed to support your distinguished service. High-quality logo styles proudly display commissioner status year-round. And they’re also great ways to recognize both existing and newly appointed commissioners. Two new items worth a special mention are polo shirts and neckerchiefs.

  • SOLID-COLOR POLO is made of a performance pique fabric in a lightweight and breathable 96 percent polyester/4 percent spandex blend for enhanced comfort and mobility. Includes commissioner logo on wearer’s left chest, no-roll collar, and Boy Scouts of America engraved buttons. Adult sizes S–4XL. Imported.  Available in four solid colors.  Required minimum order of six. Allow two to three weeks for delivery.  ($29.99)
  • NECKERCHIEF features embroidered commissioner logo on bottom corner. Imported.  Measures 49 inches by 35 inches.  Cotton/polyester.  In 13 colors.  To order, go to  Required minimum order of six. Allow two to three weeks for delivery.  ($12.99)

“When you take young boys into the woods,
good things happen.”  (George Seton)



John Sequeira
Council Commissioner
Mecklenburg County Council
Boy Scouts of America

Prepared. ForLife.


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