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 -      November 2015


“Unit Service Plans”

If you have not already done so, now is the time to complete your Unit Service Plans and Detailed Assessment for your unit(s).



If your unit has not yet developed a Unit Service Plan for the 2015-16 year, this is the time to complete it.  This plan is tied to the Journey to Excellence (JTE) criteria and should be used by units to:  (1) develop action plans, (2) identify responsibilities, (3) set SMART goals, and (4) establish target dates.


The unit Key 3 are responsible for preparing and documenting the plan. The unit Key 3 consists of the Unit Leader, the Unit Chairperson, and the Chartered Organization Representative.  Ideally, the Unit Commissioner should participate as an observer and advisor during this process.  At this time the Unit Commissioner should also prepare the Unit Assessment in parallel.  More about this below.






If you have not yet prepared a “detailed” unit assessment for your unit, this is the time to do so.  For Commissioner’s serving troops, it is highly recommended that you participate in the Troop’s planning meetings (referred to above) and then complete a “Unit Assessment” in cooperation with the unit’s Key 3.  If you are serving a Pack and their plan was prepared in the spring, this is still a good time to prepare a “detailed” unit assessment if you have not already done so.


While “detailed” Unit Assessments can be prepared by a Commissioner based upon his or her private deliberations, I strongly encourage you prepare these assessment in conjunction with your unit’s Key 3.  In this manner the assessment becomes a joint planning and improvement effort rather than a “critique.”  Please don’t wait any longer to prepare your Detailed Unit Assessment.  Training materials on how to prepare a “detailed” Unit Assessment are available as discussed under “Commissioner Tools” below.









Well, nothing like a newsletter that references another newsletter.  This is just to bring to your attention the fall edition of “THE COMMISSIONER” which is the newsletter to all Commissioners distributed by Tico Perez, our National Commissioner.  A copy of the newsletter is attached in case you did not receive it directly.  I encourage you all to read it.  There are many good articles in this newsletter that can help us all be better Commissioners.


You might want to pay special attention to the article by Larry Chase on upcoming changes to Commissioner Recognition.  A team of commissioners from across the country is hard at work revising unit service recognitions.  The goals for revising commissioner recognitions include:

·         Requirements reflective of contemporary unit service tools, techniques, and processes

·         Requirements consistent across all recognition opportunities

·         Electronic access to reference materials, requirements, record keeping tools, and certificates

·         Requirements that enable roundtable commissioners to participate fully in unit service

·         recognition opportunities









Can’t wait until April 2016 for Mecklenburg County Council’s next College of Commissioner Science?   You are invited to attend the Pee Dee Area Council’s College instead.  The college will be held at Camp Coker in Society Hill, South Carolina on November 6-8.  The cost is $35 for the weekend.  The registration form is attached.  To register please contact:   Tyler Hauptman, PDAC Assistant District Commissioner or Diane Bauer, PDAC Council Commissioner 843-251-6492 (text or leave voice message). 






Each week improvements are made to our Commissioner Tools.  Some are great enhancements and others are merely fixes to known bugs.  You can check out each week’s changes by logging on to your my.scouting webpage.  Your “landing page” as a registered Commissioner should be the Commissioner Tools.


Some of the recent enhancements in August include:

·          New Reports:

o   Commissioner Contacts:  Contacts entered by Commissioners registered at the council level and above were not included on the Commissioner Activity and the Commissioner Contact Stat reports when generated at the district level.  These reports only display Commissioners registered within that district.  To address this problem a new report is now available which contains “all’ Commissioner activity called “Commissioner Contacts.”  This new report will replace the prior two reports.

o   Commissioners Without Contacts:  A new report with this name is also being tested and should be available soon.


Helpful Hints:

·         Periodically review your Assigned Units report to identify those Commissioners who registration falls within the 60-day lapse period and coordinate unit reassignment to an active Commissioner.

·         When accessing Commissioner Tools and the screen doesn’t populate or display information immediately, try “re-clicking” on the last button you clicked on.  Or, back up one level in the organization structure.


Technical Support


As a reminder, please contact John Sequeira at first for assistance with any Commissioner Tools program related questions.  If you experience any system-related issues while in Commissioner Tools, please email the Member Care Contact Center at and log an incident to ensure proper handling and tracking.





Please help promote the first Southern Region Area 5 Advancement Summit.  Your help is needed to see that your unit Key 3 are aware of this training opportunity. 


The training is scheduled for Saturday, October 24th at Saxe Gotha Presbyterian Church in Lexington, SC beginning at 10:00 am.  Participants will:

·         Gain better understanding of the merit badge program including counselor recruitment and education-training. 

·         Better understand the Eagle Scout coach and mentor. 

·         Understand best practices for The Eagle Scout Board of Review.

·         Learn how the "Friend Storming" process can help recruit the number of volunteers needed for a successful advancement program. 


A copy of the brochure for this opportunity is attached to this email.





The district dashboards for JTE are posted on  The results for the three key Commissioner metrics are shown below:



Each month I am going to highlight one of the three key Commissioner metrics on a rotating basis.  This month we are looking at “Unit Performance.” 


Traditional Unit Retention.  Unit Retention is the primary goal of the Commissioner Service.  The reason we visit and assess our assigned units is to ensure that they deliver the Scouting program effectively and in a viable manner.  Our visits let us know when we need to intervene to get things back on track. Unit Retention measures the percentage of our units that continue from year to year.


Calculation Method: This metric measures the number of traditional units (packs, troops, teams, crews, and ships) which remain registered one year after their prior registration.  It is calculated at rechartering time but can be updated in between.


Performance Targets:  The level set by National Office for achieving “Gold” on this metric for 2015 is 94%.  As you can, two of our three traditional districts are already above that level and one is just on the cusp.   Kudos to all of you for helping drive these outstanding results.




 “It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”

                                                              Charles Darwin

Have a great month in Scouting,



John H. Sequeira

Council Commissioner

Mecklenburg County Council, Area 5

Boy Scouts of America

M: 704-560-5061

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