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Why Cub Scouting?

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Cub Scouting Teaches Your Son:

  • Confidence, through recognition by adults
  • Belonging, by building relationships with other boys
  • The value of family, by promoting quality family time to strengthen the bond between parent and child
  • Social skills, through positive interaction with other people
  • Moral and ethical decision-making, by instilling essential values
  • Leadership skills, through leading other boys
  • Citizenship, by teaching him how to be a responsible community member

How Cub Scouting Works

Your boy is a member of a den.  A den consists of four to eight boys of the same grade who meet according to their schedules.  A den leader (usually a parent) is in charge of the activities, which include games, crafts, songs, ceremonies and lots of fun. Your boy is a member of a pack.  A pack consists of several dens and meets at least once a month. The Cubmaster leads pack meetings with Cub Scouts and their families in attendance. The pack meeting is made up of fun activities, as well as the presentation of awards that boys have earned during the month.

Cub Scout Outdoor Opportunities

Dens go on field trips to interesting places in the community.  Boys of all ages in Cub Scouting can go to day camp, where in five days, they experience a variety of outdoor fun and special activities geared toward their age groups, such as archery, field sports, fishing, swimming, leatherwork, crafts, and special attractions. Cub Scouts (8 or 9, or completed at least first grade) and Webelos Scouts (10 or completed third grade) can go to resident camp, a three-night experience within a developed theme of adventure and excitement.  District-organized family camp and pack overnighters are other ways to have fun camping with other Cub Scouts and their families.

What Does Cub Scouting Cost?

Boys and their parents are responsible for a $24 Boy Scouts of America registration fee, and also for purchasing a uniform. Cub Scouts are also encouraged, but not required, to subscribe to Boys’ Life magazine.  A one-year subscription costs $12.Packs normally charge nominal dues and earn income by working on approved fund-raising projects such as our annual popcorn sale. These projects help fund the pack’s activities for the entire year. Upon request, some financial assistance may be available for families.

*Fees will be collected at the August 28th meeting. Checks and cash accepted.