Support Our Youth

You can help improve the lives of our youth by donating in time, talents or money to the Boy Scouts of America. Your efforts benefit the more than 12,000 registered youth, of which 33% represent low income, minorities, and special needs youth, who turn to the Mecklenburg County Council, Boy Scouts of America each year for quality leadership development programs.

Contact Carlton Crump for more information regarding donations, fundraising, and supporting the BSA of Mecklenburg County.

Funding and Donations

The Mecklenburg County Council, Boy Scouts of America, has been building character and instilling values in young people since 1915.  Always in strong partnership with the religious, civic and business communities, Scouting teaches traditional values, respect for God and Country, life skills and responsible citizenship to generations of area young people.  Scouting provides the youth of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County with activities and programs outside of school hours which are safe, productive and structured. 

America has changed over the years, but the Boy Scouts continually strives to help each boy reach his highest potential and your contribution is directly applied to the growth and future of our boys.

With your gifts, we’re reaching more boys than ever!

Traditional Scouting serves Tiger Cubs, Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Varsity and Venturing in over 200 neighborhoods, including those that are fragile and threatened. Learning for Life provides life skills, career guidance and ethics education to school aged boys and girls through Learning for Life Groups and Explorer Posts. In partnership with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools and other community organizations, Scouting provides special needs students with life skills experiences and special field days through traditional Scouting and Learning for Life. MCC's Special Initiatives program provides paraprofessional leadership, uniforms, books, transportation, camp and activity fees for over youth in communities and fragile neighborhoods. Reaching out to emerging cultures through the Hispanic emphasis initiative as well as support to Charlotte’s Asian communities

You can help shape America's future by investing in Scouting TODAY!


Other Ways to Invest in Scouting's Future

Advanced Gifts: Provides council board members and larger donors the oppurtunity to set the pace for the total campaign. To learn more about Advanced Gifts, contact Carlton Crump, Development Director.

Board Division: Offers individual donors the chance to make signifigant contributions at three recognition levels.

Leadership Dinner: This dinner provides corporate sponsorships at eight levels to support Scouting’s work all year.

Friends of Scouting Kick-off and Good Scout Award Breakfast: This special business breakfast invites selected individuals to hear an outstanding community leader, learn about Scouting’s impact first hand and pledge support at the $500 level and up. To learn more about the Breakfast, please contact Gary Moore, Field Director.

Endowment Fund: This is a permanent fund that is invested with the interest going back to support Scouting. There are many ways to make a lasting impact into the council's endowment fund.

The James E. West Award is a minimum of $1000 gift to the council's endowment fund. During the 100th Anniversary the council is conducting a campaign for 100 James E West Awards.

100 For the 100th

Friends of Scouting (FOS): 2015 FOS Brochure

Scout Family: Families who use the Scouting program directly are given the opportunity to support the overall effort through unit presentations and follow up.

Scout Community Campaign: A grass roots campaign of Friends of Scouting and alumni who believe Scouting builds leaders and better citizens for the future.


Matching Gifts and Volunteer Grants


Does your company have a matching gifts program? Does your company contribute to your non-profit organization for the hours you volunteer? Many companies like Duke Energy, Bank of America and MicroSoft not only match employee’s financial donations dollar for dollar, but also provide volunteer grants for the hours you volunteer to Scouting or your favorite non-profit organizatin.

Together these “supplements” to your donations of time and money helped local Scouting last year to the tune of over $40,000. In these days of a tough economy and United Way decreases, this is a way to leverage your dollars to support Scouting.
Here are some easy steps to secure a matching gift or volunteer grant:
1)      Determine if your company makes matching gifts or does volunteer service grants. Check with your HR department or your online employee website. NOTE: The matching gift list below is incomplete and not all local matching companies may be listed.
2)      Make your annual donation to Scouting and mark on your pledge card that your company does make matching gifts. List the name of the company.
3)      Fill out the matching gift or volunteer grant form. Often this can be done online or at least print off a receipt and mail it into the Council office.
4)      For matching gifts: 
a.       When your pledge is paid, we will verify your donation on your company’s website or via the form that you sent into the Council office. The company usually pays the matching gift in the following fiscal quarter.
For volunteer grants:
b.      On the volunteer grant paperwork you list the hours you have volunteered in Scouting. We verify the number of hours to the company and a check is sent. Many times the more volunteer hours served, the larger the amount.           
A couple of items to note: 
1)      The matching gift amount is not to be listed as part of your personal pledge on the card. It is a company gift. However, the matching amount does count for your personal recognition level. (For example: a $1,750 personal gift plus an equal company match would qualify you for a higher level.
2)      In order for the matching gift to be counted in Friends of Scouting to help Scouting in the current fiscal year, a personal pledge must be paid and the gift verified by the Council by the third quarter of the year. This gives the company time to send the matching gift to Scouting before year end.
Thank you for your gifts to Scouting! We hope this will help you realize the maxium return on your investment in our young people.
Here are some of the companies that we know have matched gifts to Scouting and have volunteer grant programs:
Duke Energy – Matching & Volunteer Grants
Merrill Lynch/Bank of America – Matching & Volunteer Grants
Microsoft – Matching & Volunteer Grants
Wells Fargo – Volunteer Grants only