Hornets Nest District Award of Merit

The recipient must have been a registered Scouter within the Hornets Nest District with at least 3 years of service. Recipients are volunteers who have rendered service of an outstanding nature at the District level.

 District Award of Merit Badge Recipients of the Hornets Nest District Award of Merit District Award of Merit Badge
2015  Garrett Ashby, Bill Farber, Matt Fox, Sasha Timkovich
2014  Joseph Craddock, David McDonnell, Richard Messina, Robert Monto
2013  Malinda Cobb, Mark Giacomin, Mike Malyszko, Darren Seigler
2012  Steve Mazur, Steve Moore, Dave Ruggles, Dennis Tucker
2011  Artis Boyd, Ruth Houser, Bob Lang, Michael Perrott
2010  Bob Coughlin, Mark Houseman, Tracy Lane, Micheal Turner
2009  Skip Alexander, Scott Bingler, Peter Heikes
2008  John Gammons, Jr., Bob McLaughin, Craig Orr, Dr. Benjamin Yarborough
2007  Rex Byers, Dan Hardesty, Ken Hilton, Bill Warters
2006  Michael Hartje, Pat Levesque, Russell Long, Lyle Pace
2005  Bob Marum, Babette Regalado, Lee Stillwell
2004  Tanya Hartje, Jillian Rutkamp


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