Hornets Nest District Cub Scout Leader of the Year

Awarded to registered Scouters who have performed above and beyond what is expected of a Leader at the unit level in helping to provide a quality program for Cub Scouts.

 Recipients of the Hornets Nest District Cub Scout Leader of the Year Award
2015  Tremayne Brooker, Joe Ernst, Juliet Laughlin
2014  Lauren Bray, JD Densmore, Thomas Hazel, Sasha Timkovich
2013  Jennifer Bolt, Kelvin and Sharon Dunlap, Angie Tinnell
2012  Sheila and Scott Allsbury, Mark Giacomin
2011  John Martin, Steve Mazur, Rob Monto
2010  Mike Malyszko, Michael Perrott, Dennis Tucker
2009  Damon Crawford, Rick Messina, Christopher Willingham
2008  Bob Coughlin, Edith Green, Joseph Grimes
2007  David Dupree, Bob Lang
2006  Bill Farber, Mark Giacomin, Craig Orr, Todd Taylor
2005  Eric Adams, David McDonnell, Clifford Summers
2004  Frank Delellis, Pat Heidrich


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