Hornets Nest District Boy Scout Leader of the Year

Awarded to registered Scouters who have performed above and beyond what is expected of a Leader at the unit level in helping to provide a quality program for Boy Scouts.

 Recipients of the Hornets Nest District Boy Scout Leader of the Year Award
2015  Reid Wood
2014  Joel Farrand, Dave McIntyre, David McKenzie, Kevin Moran, Nigel Toyer
2013  Ted Johnson, Willie Rooker
2012  Mike Jones, Robert Tripp
2011  Ken Sims
2010  Gwen Bone, Matt Fox, Darren Seigler
2009  Mark Lisy, Craig Orr
2008  Tom Lawson, Elizabeth "Libby" Nichols
2007  Ralph Harlan, Chris Sokley, Eddy Via
2006  Bob McLaughlin, David Ruggles
2005  Brad Vice
2004  Tracy Robbins


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