Etowah District Boy Scout Camporee


2014 Etowah District Camporee


 October 17-18-19, 2014

 Belk Scout Camp

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Coming September 03


District Camporee Scouters Guide

Registration and payments will be

ONLINE for convenience


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August 14thRoundtable


District Camporee Scouters Guide

Older/Experienced Scouts


Greetings Etowah Troop and Venture Leaders !


This is an invitation and reminder to include Etowah Camporee in your Annual Planning calendar October 17-18-19th.  

The Youth and Adult Staff are planning to see a great SPACE PIRATES themed Camporee.  


We are bringing back the "Challenge Track" for older Scout patrols and Venture Crews.

 Mr. Christopher Cannon is leading this Camporee program event this year.    

Each participating patrol will demonstrate their Leave No Trace, backpack/camping, and team-building skills.  

This Track was a hit last year, and promises to be even better.


 In addition to the basic Camporee competition events, special events on Saturday will include ....

  "Restaurants at the End of the Universe"  Cook-Off

  "Pirates of the Cove" Cardboard Ship Challenge

  "Too Infinity & Beyond" Zip-line Challenge

   Jamboree On The Air (in association with the ARRL),

  and demonstrations from the Charlotte Rocketry Club and Charlotte Astronomy Club (weather permitting).


A Scouter's Guide will be released in August with details.


We hope your unit will include Etowah Camporee in your Annual Planning for October 17-18-19th at Belk Scout Camp.  

  To help with our planning, we ask that Troops RSVP with your unit's intention to attend (or not) as soon as possible.  Several have already, "Thank you."   Please have a  representative/coordinator go to the link "2014 Etowah Camporee - Planned Participation & Unit Event Volunteer Sign-ups" .   As the Youth Staff chose the competition events, they decided to add a little creative, friendly Etowah competition.  There will be a Unit Award for "Best Themed Event Station" using the SPACE PIRATE theme.   So, go online and select the event you can develop best by clicking here to respond today.


The fee will be just $10 per participant....and, of course, includes a Camporee patch.   

Online registration will be available through a link on this page starting in September (for a $0.50/participant).


Questions?   You can e-mail 

                      or visit our Facebook page,


Thank you for your time and commitment to Scouting.


In Service,


John Silvestri

2014 Etowah District Camporee Chair/Scoutmaster


Christopher Cannon

 2014 Etowah District Camporee Assistant Scoutmaster - Challenge Track