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TOP CLOUDS: 6-1-16


SPECIAL EDITION - 2.2.16 in the Smoke Signals Archive area!!!!! 



NEW Be Weather Smart! Be Prepared!
June 1st begins the Atlantic Hurricane season.  And it only takes one hurricane to make it a “bad season”, even in the piedmont.  Just ask the folks who were living in Charlotte during Hurricane Hugo.   After making landfall, Hugo, reached Charlotte in six hours, where it toppled trees and left many people without power for up to two weeks.

It is important that all of us scouts, scouters, and parents be mindful of changing weather patterns in our area. Does your family have a severe weather plan and/or evacuation plan in case of emergencies? History has taught us that we are not immune to these types of storms even if we are inland. BSA, the state of North Carolina, and FEMA all have excellent resources available to us on hazardous weather training. Please visit:,, and

Old Editions of Smoke Signals
Looking for from past editions of Smoke Signals? They are posted on the Apache District website on the
Smoke Signals Archives page.



2017 Jamboree
Experience the best of Scouting in one place. From stadium shows to merit badges, patch trading to adventure sports, you’ll want to be at the Summit Bechtel Reserve in 2017. Our council has been awarded 4 Troops and 2 Venturing Patrols for the 2017 National Scout Jamboree to be held at the Bechtel Summit Scout Reserve in West Virginia July 19-28, 2017. For more information and to register, go and click on the Jamboree Banner.

Summer Camp for Venturers
Venturers, check out a summer camp dedicated to Venturing and High Adventure at Lumpkin Adventure Base - June 19 through July 16 - Weeks 1-4





Apache Day Camp 2016
The theme for Apache District Day Camp 2016 is Take Flight! The dates for camp will be June 20-24, 2016 and will be held at Belk Scout Camp.

Apache Day Camp Registration is now available! You can find information about camp - along with Day Camp Downloads such as the 2016 Apache District Day Camp flyer (pdf) and links to the required health forms - for your Packs on the Apache district day camp webpage here:

Apache Day Camp Information Page

Registration information has been given to your Committee Chairs, Cubmasters, and Day Camp Coordinators. Please speak with them regarding registration for camp. Meanwhile, participants can make sure Day Camp Coordinators have required health forms and youth protection certificates.

The following positions (18-years old or older) are needed:

  • 1st Aid & Nature (1st Aid/poisonous plants/prevention/1st aid kits) – needed for one day only, would prefer a Webelos Den Leader or Assistant Scoutmaster
  • Tools (knots/knives/saws/ax) - needed for one day only, would prefer a Webelos Den Leader or Assistant Scoutmaster
  • Lifeguards (training and certification available) – needed all week

Please contact Day Camp Director, Monica Zeleznik at if you are interested.

Apache District Dates
Training for Youth
NYLT - 6/20-25/2016 - Belk Scout Camp
NYLT - 6/27 - 7/02/2016 - Belk Scout Camp
SEALS Training – November TBA, 2016 - Belk Scout Camp



NEW Permits, Permissions, and Authorizations for Eagle Scout Service Projects

If the project requires building permits, etc. the Scout needs to know about them for his planning. However, the Beneficiary is responsible for all permitting. This is not a duty for the Scout.



At times the Scout can be in the middle of two organizations, one saying a permit is required and another saying it is not.  In these situations, a Scout should include a summary of the discussion in the “Permits and Permission” section of the Eagle Project Service Workbook with details as when the discussion occurred, with who and the end result.  For example:


·       “On mm/dd/yyyy, Mr. “John Doe” of the Mecklenburg County Permit Office reviewed my project proposal by phone.  He told me that a Building Permit was not needed.” 

·       “On mm/dd/yyyy, Mr. “Jim Smith” representing the project beneficiary indicated that he will be contacting the Mecklenburg County Permit Office and securing any building permits before works begins on the project.”

·       “On mm/dd/yyyy, Mr. “Jim Smith” as the project’s beneficiary indicated that a building permit is not required and has granted his authority to proceed without one.


The project beneficiary (or the Scout) seeking permitting information/authorization should contact Scott Westbrook at the Mecklenburg County Permit Office at the below email address or telephone number:

Telephone:  (980) 314-3114

For the email contact, be sure to indicate in the subject line that this is related to an Eagle Scout project proposal.


NEW What “Being Active” Means…

The first requirement for the Eagle Scout Rank is “Be active in your troop for at least six months as a Life Scout”.  If a Life Scout is active with his troop for at least six months, he meets the obligation.  The requirement states “six months” – no more, no less.


The number one reason that the Council Advancement Committee becomes involved with a negative outcome of an Eagle Scout Board of Review is the interpretation, or lack thereof, of this particular requirement.  To receive credit for the requirement, a unit cannot expect a Life Scout to remain active for the full duration of his relationship with the troop after meeting the six month minimum.  That is fine, but cannot be the reason to deny the Scout as not fulfilling the requirement.  Troops do have leeway to set standards of participation, and in order to receive credit for this requirement, the Scout must fulfill that standard during the six months.  This is per National guidelines.


Again, if an Eagle Scout candidate is active within the troop for a minimum of six months after becoming a Life Scout, he meets the requirement and is to be given credit for it towards the Eagle Scout Award.  No troop leadership has the authority to deny a Scout further advancement who has met this requirement as stated.


Another caveat is that the six months does not have to be continuously served in one duration.  It can be broken into intervals over a period of time but must equal six months all together in the end.


Merit Badge Courses
For information on registration and pre-course homework on all courses, see

Digital Interactive Merit Badge Pamphlets

20 interactive digital merit badge pamphlets, including every Eagle-required badge, now available

Discovery Place Merit Badge Workshops 2016

See for more info.



Apache Events

Apache Cub Scout Day Camp - June 20-24 2016 - Belk Scout Camp,
Lead - Monica Zeleznik –

Apache Cuboree - 10/07-09/2016

Apache Webeloree-Camporee - 10/21-23/2016

Adult Leader Roundtables
Check our Council website for more details. We need your help with providing an excellent program this year. If you or someone you know can help with Roundtable or have an agenda item, please let Angie White know, her email address is


Apache Web Site Helps:

Click here to view more resources and news




Greetings Brothers,

I am Dave Kubala, the new secretary of Apache Chapter. Here are some events that you should be aware of in the upcoming months:

June and August Ordeal is Upcoming

June Ordeal is going to be on the weekend of June 3rd going through June 5th, and the August Ordeal will be taking place the weekend of August 27th. These are excellent opportunities to go through Ordeal if you were not able to make it for Beaver Day. Both of these Ordeals will take place at Belk Scout camp, so please plan accordingly.

Calling All New Arrowmen!

There will be a New Arrowman Dinner for all recently introduced brothers on the Friday of Fall Fellowship. This event will be free for all new arrowmen, and those new arrowmen that attend may bring one guest. The cost for each additional guest will be $5. There will be a chapter meeting after the dinner that arrowmen will be welcome to attend.

Teepee Committee

The Apache Chapter, as you may know, has a teepee that has not yet been painted. In order to resolve this issue, we are pulling together a "Teepee Committee" to paint our Teepee and show our chapter pride. This is likely going to be the Teepee we use for decades to come. If you would like to be involved with the painting of the Teepee, please email
Eliot McGinnis, Al Nedrich, or myself

New Lodge T-Shirts

The new lodge t-shirts are now for sale! The pricing is $15 for the new shirts, and $17 for 2XL sizes and larger. Old chapter t-shirts are also for sale, for only $2 each!!!

The next Apache Chapter Meeting is Thursday, June 9th, at 7:30 our NEW LOCATION South Mecklenburg Presbyterian Church (MAP). Troop OA reps, reach out to Brothers in your troop, as these meetings are both informative and fun. Pizza will be served.

Yours in Scouting,

Dave Kubala


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