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An untrained leader meeting with our youth is UNACCEPTABLE!

Basic Leader Training Boy Scouts of AmericaLearning should be a lifelong goal. To that end, Boy Scouts of America strongly supports learning/training opportunities for its adult leaders. Apache District, within the Mecklenburg County Council, adheres to this principle, and the Mecklenburg County Council Training Committee is here to assist you.

New leaders are faced with many questions. "How do I start?" "Where do I fit in?" "Will I make a mistake?"

Regardless of the path you will be traveling as a new leader: Cub Scout, Boy Scout, or Venturing - your first stop is THIS IS SCOUTING, an online course found at the national Scouting website. Following completion of this introduction, you will need to complete the FAST START module appropriate to your area in Scouting. Additionally, you will need to complete YOUTH PROTECTION. Just like THIS IS SCOUTING, the FAST START and YOUTH PROTECTION modules can be found online.

Mecklenburg County Council hosts opportunities for face-to-face training as well. Our SCOUTER SUCCESS SEMINAR held each September offers leaders basic training opportunities, as well as more specific sessions and certifications. Throughout the year, other training opportunities are presented around the Council also.

Check back here at our Apache District website for upcoming events and information. The Mecklenburg County Council Training Committee link is http://www.mcctraining.org/. It contains the outline for leader training and links to the national training websites.

Contact Apache District Training Chair, Joanne White if you have any questions.


 An untrained leader meeting with our youth is UNACCEPTABLE!

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