Apache District Committee

The District Committee ensures the success and growth of units within our territory. We concentrate on advancement, camping, community service, special activities, recognition, training and more. Our Leaders are:  

District Chairman
Stuart Tucker
(w) 704-
(h) 704-

District Commissioner
Don Herzhauser
(c) 704-957-5310
(h) 704-814-6506

Program Chairman


Activities Chairman


Advancement Chairman
Craig Gross
(h) 704-362-1463
(w) 803-701-3514

Camping Chairman
Tony Roux
(h) 704-543-9728
(c) 704-315-7103

Membership Chairman
Eric Davis
(c) 704-564-0972


Fall Round-up Chairman
Traci Scott
(w) 704-243-2244

Training Chairman
Dwayne Thomas

Boy Scout Camporee Chairman
Christopher Kubala
(c) 704-614-4919

OA Chapter Advisor
Al Nedrich
(w) 704-333-0001
(c) 704-307-6700

Comm. Service / SFF Chairman
Phil Adams
(c) 704-575-5209

Cub-O-Ree Chairman
Mike Husak

Cub Scout Day Camp Director
Monica Zeleznik
(h) 704-281-2683

Cub Scout Day Camp Program Director
Michael Carey
(c) 704-615-2903

Eagle Board of Review Chairman
John McLean
(c) 704-578-9528

Marketing Chairman
John Andrews
(w) 980-318-5313

Website Chairman
Al Nedrich
(c) 704-307-6700
(w) 704-333-0001

Finance Chairman
Flint McNaughton
(w) 704-945-8005
(c) 704-579-9445 

Popcorn Chairman
Kristi Pindell
(c) 919-412-4333
(w) 704-

Family FOS Chairman
Jeff and Tracy Williams
(w) 704-442-7155

Good Scout Breakfast Chairman
Travis McCollum
(w) 704-571-7375
(h) 704-

Leadership Dinner Chairman
Jason Schubert
(w) 704-
(h) 704-

Community FOS Chairman
Flint McNaughton
(w) 704-945-8005
(c) 704-579-9445

Roundtable Commissioner
Al Nedrich
(w) 704-333-0001
(c) 704-307-6700

Commissioner Training 
 Miriam Olynick
(c) 704-965-6993

Relations Chair


Past District Chairman
George MacBain
(w) 704-954-1139
(h) 704-614-0036

District Director
John Crapster
(w) 704-342-9324

Senior District Executive
John Bittinger
(w) 740-342-9336

Updated: 05/12/14    

(c) = Cell phone number
(h) = Home phone number
(w) = Work phone number




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