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Thinking about becoming a commissioner? You should find the answer to most of you questions here. Commissioner Service is one of the most important, yet least understood parts of the Scouting Program. A Commissioner's approach is one of helpfulness, ready to assist the leaders, offering suggestions, encouraging the unit committee, and leaders, thereby strengthening the leadership's program efforts. In effect each Commissioner enters into a partnership with the unit’s leadership - all working for the single objective - the welfare of the Troop, Pack or Crew.

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District Commissioner's Message




From the Apache District Commissioner’s Desk




                                                                                                                                    April 2014



I continue to be extremely impressed at the impact and commitment that you continue to make in the scout units that you serve.  You are making a significant difference to those units. Thanks for all you continue to do for the boys and their families in our Apache District.

The following are some of the items requiring Commissioner’s focus in the months ahead as rapidly approach our summer months:


*     Unit Visits – Please stay active with your unit visits and record all visits in UVTS.  This is a great time of year to attend crossover’s, Cuborees, and Cub Scout graduations. Continue to be part of the “family” of scouting for that unit.

*     Year Round Recruitment – Scouting in our area has experienced about an 8-9% membership impact from the membership policy change last year.  Our Council has adopted a year round recruitment initiative to increase the number youth and adults in our Scouting program.  Review your unit’s adoption of a year round recruitment practice.  These new recruitment initiatives will be posted on the council website. Additionally, use some of you unit visitation time to talk to parents about being more involved in leadership position within Scouting.  Please communicate your findings back to your Assistant District Commissioner (ADC).

*     2015 Recharter – As you’re likely aware, BSA has imposed new and very significant deadlines associated to the completion of the upcoming recharter activities starting January 1, 2015.  These deadlines will be discussed further at future roundtables and will be published in the Smoke Signals every month.  Please ensure that your units are aware of the changes and are focused on completing the recharter process during the timeline identified.  Please see your ADC or myself if you have any questions.

*     Wood Badge and other Education – Most of our Commissioners have already completed the Wood Badge program and have received their beads.  However, if you have still not attended this program, I would strongly recommend attending this summer’s program. This is a great program for learning something new to bring to your units.  Commissioners have been attending Cub Scout leader training programs with some of their key unit leader … great idea.  Attending these programs keeps your unit leaders training up-to-date and keeps you refreshed on the details of Cub Scout Leadership.  Please make sure that you stay up-to-date on your training.  See the council website for any upcoming commissioner program.  Please send me an email with your Scout ID Number.  The council training chairman has requested this information to ensure that all Commissioners’ training records are updated properly.

*     Apache District Roundtable – As scout leaders we need a forum to share ideas and explore new approaches to scouting.  Roundtable is that forum.  Please encourage all your unit leaders to participate in this monthly forum.  ALL Commissioners are required to attend each roundtable and to engage with their unit leaders during this time.

*     2014 Journey To Excellence (JTE) – Start now with preparing your units for completion of the JTE process.  The best way to prepare is to implement the Unit Self Assessment Process which is performed twice a year (March & October).  Begin now with reviewing the 2014 Journey To Excellence form with your Unit Leaders so that they are focused on each of the elements of operation.

*     Beaver Days – This is a great service activity for all Troops and Crews.  Beaver Days is a weekend of service where scouts help ready the camp for the upcoming summer time activities.   Like clean up, setting up tents, and lite repair action are all part of the weekend.  This year Beaver Days will be held on the weekend of May 16th at the Belk Scout Camp.  Encourage all your Boy Scout and Crews units to participate.  Please refer to the council website for additional details.

*     Summer Camps – We have all heard that a unit’s success is tightly hinged to their summer camp participation.  Our Council is very fortunate to have such a series of strong summer camping programs for all levels of scouting.  Please have the conversation with you unit leaders to ensure that they have a summer camping plan established for this year.

*     Commissioner Recognition - All commissioners have a great opportunity to be awarded a variety of commissioner oriented awards for the service you provide.  Please check with your ADC to review the recognition that you deserve for your committed service.


Thanks again for all you do for the boys of the Apache District.  


Respectfully Yours In Scouting,


Don Herzhauser

Apache District Commissioner 



College of

Commissioner Science


2014 TBA

"Continuing the Journey"  

Levine Campus
Central Piedmont Community College
Matthews, North Carolina

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