Apache District Award of Merit

 The recipient must have been a registered Scouter within the Apache District with at least 3 years of service. Recipients are volunteers who have rendered service of an outstanding nature at the District level.

District Award of Merit


From left to right - Christopher Gamble - Troop 56, Monica Zeleznik - Pack 167, Mike Husak - Pack 8, Michael Carey - Pack 249

 District Award of Merit Badge Recipients of the Apache District Award of Merit District Award of Merit Badge
2014  Tony Roux, Bob Branan, Flint McNaughton, Tommy Anderson
2013  Joel Walters, Natalie Kosakowski, Lois Layer, Eric Krause
2012  Joanne White, Cyndi Murdock, Tom Gauch, John McLean
2011  Tim Morgan, Al Nedrich, Scott Whitlock, Mike Babb
2010  Christopher Kubala, Peter Olynick, Greg Buehner, Steve Eriksen
2009  A.J. Ayd, Larry Unferth, Margot Henson, Mike Miles
2008  John Lee, George Tucker, Craig Gross, Miriam Olynick
2007  Lee Williams, Phil Adams, James Todd, Gil Middlebrooks
2006  Jim Goda, Charles Lyle, Lon Nigro, Don Herzhauser
2005  Marcos Bilbao, Sue Chandler, Kevin Kearley, Ronda McGuffin, Mark Spisak
2004  Stephanie Rebain, Steve Early, Bob Simth


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